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OKAY… THIS SHALL BE MY LAST UPDATE OF THAT CURSED YEAR! As a new one is upon us, let us all reflect on how we all wish we could have improved on the events of the past year so that we can make our lives and the lives of our loved ones better. And as cliché as it sounds, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. (even through our computers/tablets/phones/game consoles/TVs/etc.). With that outta the way, let me get something off my chest first.

The preceding school week has been pure HECC. I had to worry about how not to get anymore assignments flagged for plagiarism (which were accidental, btw, given my mental condition, but that’s another discussion), AND THEN having to complete a Plagiarism Workshop ON TOP of regular schoolwork. All should explain why I haven’t been active lately, guys…  again, I’m sorry for that. I never really imagined I would end a year like THIS for me. Hopefully, in the new one, I get to right all wrongs, there, here in the fandoms and abroad. As well as to provide more new content than ever, and I don’t mean just cartoon arts alone….

At the time of this update, I’m STILL brainstorming for what my next round of New Year’s Resolutions will be. OBVIOUSLY, the top of that list while I’m still here will be to MAKE MY OWN FURSUIT. I’ve been teasing at this for… pretty much since I’ve introduced myself back in 2012. Right now, I want to start small, and I think the HEAD is the quintessential part of any suit. Agreed?

As for what I have in store for the upcoming year… well, OBVIOUSLY I need to get my MLP Season 8 and 9 reactions out there! Follow that with a POSSIBLE (mini) ANIMATION that I plan to do. It’s not much, but it’s a teaser. More on that on another date. Also, I’ve been brainstorming about making an EROTIC video game. Right now, it’s only an idea, but I’ll explain that in another update soon!

NEXT, I aim on making an AU story that centers around Cozy Glow. I call it… “Rupert Meets Equestria: A Cozy Tail”. I will likely need some help making this story happen as time goes on. More on this later.

Lastly, on the topic of MORE COMMISSIONS, just so y’all know, I’m still open and hoping to fill more and open more slots to do. Plus, I aim on reaching out more than ever, on both with new and existing customers AS WELL as what is covered in my updating Terms page (http://magicrupert.com/terms). Also, the Prices page (http://magicrupert.com/prices/) should explain, but here’s something that’s new: I am OFFERING a choice to have select Commission Tiers to be both digital, to have it printed out, laminated and mailed to your address, easily anywhere in the United States! (shipping fees may apply, and shipping internationally will cost extra, depending on country).

That is it for THIS YEAR, everyone! Goodbye and good-riddance, year of burdens and stress! Now if y’all excuse, let’s all celebrate with a glass of Jack & Coke to wish 2021 the best of luck going froward! Thank you all again for sticking with your boi through it all. Rupert out!
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