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Computer Death (BSODs Are Bad)

I'm not very fond of doing two journals so close together but this week has  already started off rocky but has a potential silver-lining to it. All things considered, things have gone pretty well this week and may get even better if I'm lucky but I had to make a slight change of plans.

On Monday, my computer died. It didn't just die, it shat it itself. No, not literally of course but it did happen very suddenly. I was just loading up Mozilla Firefox to go on Memebase for some lulz when it suddenly just froze. My computer doesn't freeze that often so that was a little concerning but it's just a little freeze, right? So I restart it and find that my desktop background (bet you can't guess what it is) is disabled and shows a weird error screen as the background. Professor Awesome said he hasn't seen that screen since Windows Millennium Edition and was a little surprised to see that on Windows XP. Trying to fix it by clicking on the button gave me a script error so I just said "screw it" and started Firefox up again to get back to my much needed lulz. And that's when I got a blue screen of death. I tried starting it up again and this time the monitor stayed black while the computer tower started beeping at me. I tried restarting again and then I was left with a black screen with a little grey line on top but no beeps.

My heart really sunk, my computer just went from bad to worse, from dead to deader to deadest. I was just getting ready to work on some art too and after I would be done with Memebase I'd turn on some YouTube music. It's a good thing my computer died after I broght it to Professor Awesome's house though, I had no idea what just went wrong.

So for the past two days, Professor Awesome has been trying to fix my computer. There is no way I can afford to buy a new computer unless I sell my kidney or win the lottery. After a bunch of tests, my friend Professor Awesome found out that the problem seemed to be coming from a file that controls how the hard drive and RAM work together being corrupted when it originally froze based on what the blue screen of death said. The grey line on a black screen meant that the computer was looking for a bootable device, like a hard drive, and was not finding one. So Professor Awesome started cracking open his computers, taking a cord from one, and plugging in my hard drive into the other and used his hard drive to repair mine. I think this makes the fourth time he has resuscitated a hard drive back to life but something was still wrong. Now I was getting the beeps from the computer again instead of the silent black screen with a grey line. Professor Awesome told me the beeps are actually codes used by the motherboard to tell the user that there is something really wrong with the computer. He couldn't figure out the make and model of the motherboard and couldn't translate the beep code unfortunately but judging from the blue screen he was able to determine that despite the hard drive being revived, the RAM may have suddenly died.

Now a year or so ago, I got two sticks of new 1Gb DDR2 RAM in my computer to increase it's performance but I didn't have enough money to max out my computer with four sticks so I still had two old sticks of 256Mb DDR RAM in there. After Professor Awesome took the old crappy RAM out, My computer started up again and has been running fine all day today. I'm not too happy about losing some shitty RAM but that's much better than the whole computer! That whole ordeal kicked the artistic mojo out of me and replaced it with worriment over my computer for the past two days but I'm so glad that it is working again.

In other good news, I met a friend from back in highschool recently who said he could help me get a job. Apparently, the company where he works is in need of workers and he is a senior employee there or something like that. They give you a month's worth of training before you actually go to work there but that's a good thing in my book. I need a job and I need one now. I'm hoping my friend can put in a good word for me and get me employed. I haven't had a job since April 2010 and it sure has been tough living here at home and dealing with all the crap that I tend to highlight every week so. I've already applied and I got my fingers crossed. The only problem is that I need to be at home monitoring the phone. Everyone back at my house have gotten into a horrible habit of not answering the phone even when it is ringing right beside them. We even have caller ID too on the phone but I can't trust my family to even tell me if anyone has called on regards of my application while I'm gone for a few days.

So I'm heading back to my house to make sure I'm there if the business does call and needs a new worker. Me and Professor Awesome finalized the script for DD66 and I'm ready to work on it though I'm going to be attempting to work on it here at my house. I did manage to complete two sketches but that goes into the pile of art that I hopefully will eventually get around to coloring.

That's all I wanted to say. A little change of plans, some bad news but some good news and some potentially great news. Sorry again for the delay on art/comic work to anybody looking forward to it. If things go well, I may at least get DD66 penciled here at my house over the next few days, maybe faster, depending on who is here and how much trouble the page gives me.
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