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Finally, back to the furry things in life (been a year)

Between my family, selling my laptop, and my tower blowing up, I haven't been able to visit anywhere furry and it SUCKS! Haven't been able to do much Blender either and it sucks too.

The family's finally let up on me being furry. I tried the furry/trekkie comparison on them but they didn't buy it. I should have mentioned Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Pretty sure the ONLY way he's getting laid is if it involves a fuckload of Star Trek roleplay.
They've replaced worrying about furry with worrying about my sexuality. Mom asked me if I thought I was gay,
I said I might be, she says not to tell Dad then tells him on her own, and now Dad seems to think it's to spite him. "Just let Andrew (my real name) be Andrew" he says. Yes, why DON'T you let Andrew be Andrew? Whatever, I still don't care. It's not like I "bring anybody home" as he puts it anyway. Not that I would if I had anybody anyway, the family chased away any friend I ever had and the place is gross, dogs pissing and shitting all over the place. They ate a hole in my door so they could go in and piss.
There's been talk of building me a room in the basement again but who knows if that's going to happen.

So other stuff...
I lost a bunch of files when my tower went on me. Finally got a new motherboard and hard-drive in it. Now I'm keeping all my files synced with Sugarsync and SpiderOak on two computers. I got my new computer! It's the Asus ep121 tablet PC with stylus. Maybe now I can actually try to draw something. It's a nice machine, drawing on it feels a lot like drawing on a letter-sized sheet of paper which is why I wanted it in the first place. It's great for texturing but Blender is a little hard to use on it thanks to lack of keyboard. Also I'm still stuck running Winblows on it.

My hair is long enough to put into a ponytail now. Still hard to get a pick through it at the end of the day. Still playing video games, trying to make one. Still watching movies too. Saw The Avengers the other day, good movie. As for TV shows, I've been watching WAY too many superhero cartoons.
I'm drinking more lately, that can't be good. Again I don't care. I don't care about much anymore.
Maybe that's why I'm drinking. Maybe it's my parents. Maybe I'm just depressed. I don't know. I want a drink.

Business is going good. Long story short, we have some stock now and I keep hearing conversations about finally getting me on a regular payroll. That'd be nice.
I just spent the weekend (finished at 2:00am Monday morning) at the Christian school redoing the network and server. Now I have less than a month to learn PHP, how to write a Wordpress plugin, and build a website for a customer.
Say yay... I'm tired. I'm going to go play Yoshi's Story. Too rainy to take my husky for a walk.
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