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I show myself, again!

I don't like being away from IB for so long, but I rarely make furry stuff. In checking my inbox I came across this from another user. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3336891/ It breaks my heart the same way it broke my heart when DA hit the fan. I think the problems will always be 1) people aren't willing to fight for there porn - no matter how "unethical" it is 2) the internet lacks open art sites that allow porn 3) mods and admin are too willing to sale out for ad rev. I don't know how much longer I can take having to move my porn stuff all around random areas of the net. I'm wondering where are the ad rev companies that allow porn? As much as people like porn no one's willing to fund it? It's like since 2001 life for everyone has turned into more drama, and the people with money (revenues) hold all the cards. What can be done?

I've been up to much since my last update here. I've officially taken on the title of LGBTQ activist, and it comes with a lot, and I fight for other causes. When I'm not doing that i'm drawing, coloring, and NOW I'M A WRITER! Still working on my GED. The battle with math is tireless! I'm very lightly looking for a part time job, but I'm in no hurry to deal with other people's bs. A job won't be worth the time I could spend hanging out online, writing, drawing, LGBTQ'ing, or anything i want to do other than deal with shitty people. I was look for volunteer work, but it's already hot outside, so that can wait until fall.

My newest fandom is Skullgirls! Like any fandom it has it's good and bad sides, but i care about what i'm doing than the others. My favorites are (in order of priority) Peacock, Painwheel, and Ms. Fortune!  My pairing is Peacock/ Marie (BloodyCock), but I have nothing against Painwheel/ Peacock (PainCock). I'm more into Filia/ Painwheel, than PainCock, tho. I'm a believer of Ms. Fortune/ Minette! I have yet to play the game, but I have it in priority to buy it when it comes out on PC! Can't buy a game I don't have a game console for!

That's all on my end for now. I hope you all have been well. See ya 'round!
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Ah. That artist. BB shared the same thing, which I assume that you watch him at IB as well. Anyway, i'm not on IB... Or more like not posting alot since I do not have a lot of furry-related material, but that will change once I finish a Cure Peace bunny piece. And of course ponies are qualified.

I'm not sure if loli/shota do count, but Tumblr seems to be the last place to post anything NSFW in part of "free speech" on their blog site.

So yea. Been doing random things lately, like getting back into the RP scene. Writing stuff for my characters-I-portray are fun. =w=;

Nice seeing ya again, Hebi~
6 years, 10 months ago
It's good that you're well, and active! Keep it up! Nice hearing from you, too!
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