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New Community Help/Ideas, New Year's Resolutions!

Right guys. My idea's for the community are coming in thick and fast. I know what I want to do, and I know how I'm going to do them...but it's just the freakin' NAME! The name is giving me so much damn trouble it's unreal! I dont want something so stereotypically Furry that anyone that looks at the domain will think "Zomg..MOAR FURREEZ!". I've been hovering around the name LazyFuz and RealFuz. But then again, those sond kinda generic. I want something that just rolls of the tongue, fits into the fandom without being so horifficly blatent that people just come in for finding a good "yiff".

So yeah, so many damn ideas, and so many ways to impliment them, just no name. And thats the vital thing. Once I get the name, I can buy the domain then get the first stage of the site going. What I plan on doing first is opening the site and having a large scale forum, and once traffic really starts getting going I'll get a simple chatroom going (probably a FlashChat). And once that all starts happening, I'll start taking donations to get a better chatroom/host for the chatroom. The Chatroom/Chatroom Server will be funded BY THE COMMUNITY! So if the website doesnt get enough funding by the end of the year, the chatroom will go down untill we get things going again.

Does anyone remember the Magazine idea me and my friend Yasha were pondering about a few months ago? Well, as you can guess that kinda fell through. But I plan on using some of the idea's I came up with for that scheme and use them for this community. So expect to see User Made Columns, Tutorials, Interviews with Artists and so on! I plan for this place not to just be somewhere to hang out and chill, but a proper place for the community. A place where you can not just meet folks, but learn!

Also, on the Website/Forum hosting, that's already taken care of. The website and forum will be hosted for free on my friends server, it's just the chatroom that'll need it's own server. Hense that aspect being community funded. Sure, I'll put money out of my own pocket into it, but I wont/cant pay for it souly myself. So yeah, big plans, which I want to get going in the new year. ASAP, too! So if you have any good idea's for a name for the community, then feel free to post them here! Or you can send them to my via my Twitter acount (the link is above AND below the journal X3)

OH! And one more thing, I already have the first idea for a community wide contest! But that idea will be told once the website/forums are all up and running ;) Anywho, folks. Onto the New Years Resolutions!


So peeps, what are my New Years Resolutions? Well, lets list them, shall we? X3

1: Start appearing online on MSN/YIM more often. I've gotten into a nasty habit of appearing offline 99% of the time. I've lost contact with friends because of it, so it's about time I pull my finger out and start communicating again! X3
2: Improve my art. There are aspects about my art that annoy me, and I just cant seem to get around. Sure, I've only been drawing properly for a year and a half, but I've still got a long way to go! And so much to learn. Let 2011 be the year where we see a dramatic leap in my art!
3: Finish my Trades/Requests faster. Another habit I have is that I can start something then loose the urge to draw. It pisses me off so much when I start working on something for a friend, or a request/trade, then I just stop. I dont want to draw. It makes me feel bad that these peeps are waiting for my art and I just leave them hanging.
4: REALLY Learn how to do 3D modeling. I've got ZBrush and I've pissed around with it, but dont have a clue what I'm doing. I want to change that. I really want to get into 3D modeling. Maybe animation at some point, but right now I just wanna learn how to make a freakin 3D model of Kin! :D
5: Meet new furs, make new friendships. I always love meeting new people, and this Fandom has given me so many great friends. And I want to expand that. I want to meet new people, make new friends and keep things rolling ^.^

Anywho, folks. Thats all I can really think of right now. I may add one or two more NYR's in the run up to New Years. Who knows? Anywho, I'm signing off. Remember to come up with some cool names for the community, folks! Keep them non-stereotypical/generic! :D

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