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Quick Paws-on: Red Orchestra 2 GOTY

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad; Game of the year edition
PC only

Sorry for this quick interlude in our Paws-on program, but you may be interested...
If you don't have Red Orchestra 2 already, you must think about at least trying it now (If you are into FPS, of course). It's still a free to play weekend for 35 hours. And 75% off (9 €uro!)

The most important thing is: They fixed the game... a lot.
Better performances, more keys to bind instead of one-does-everything, etc...
If it ran crap on your computer, or heard about how bad it was running (It was running like crap for some computers) it's gone.
They also fixed the MKB's horrible scope. Which is now horrible if you are on the OTHER side of the scope.
And the tanks AI is now (sort of) gone. You wont get sniped 300 meters away by an AI tank Machine Gun.

Two new game mode:
Action, for the more Battlefield-like players. More arcadish, and probably good for peoples who just don't get into the slow-pace the standard game is.
Classic, which is like RO1 in RO2. I personally don't like the idea, it's like a downgrade, removing some stuff, etc... But some peoples like it old school.

Realism has been updated too, with a more accurate ballistic, mostly.
Suppression is really effective now. It was a bit annoying before, but you still could shoot quite accurately. But now... You'd better hug the wall tight.
And you can now choose what unlocks you want to use on your gun. Don't like this unlock or this one? Get rid of it. Simple.

There is a new map, which is mostly trenches, and a few bunker. And i do like this map, it's shooting everywhere, and the trenches are not safe either since you can be easily flanked if you don't pay attention. Which is why i like this map: Easier flanking than in other map.

There is also a good amount of players now, and i just spent like 3 hours playing, and it was fun seeing newbies asking how to do this and that. And some quickly learning what to not do (A bullet in the face have a tendency to do that)

The only complain i have is... They should update the game more often now, because we had to wait such a long time for this... Also, i'm still eager for new vehicles and tanks (Which are planned, btw)

So download it for free, try the three different modes, play a few matches, and you might stay for longer than you think in the end. Because, even if i don't think it's THE game of the year, it's probably the best competitive FPS of the year (Yep, Battlefield and Call of Duty are not that good or original to deserve it)

Next on Paws-on:
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