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So, now I know what it feels like to be...

...on the business end of a gun.

I wanted, at first, to feel like an idiot, but it wasn't really anything different.  I've delivered to the address several times over the past fifteen years, always to the back door, and it wasn't unusual for them to not answer the phone when you called, they often times just watched for the driver to pull up.

This time, I walked up the steps and ended up looking at a gun.  It was almost like a movie, a non-descript kid telling me to put everything down, including my phone, and walk away and his buddy standing off to the side looking way too nervous with a stocking cap pulled halfway down over his eyes.

Eh...I don't know, I've been delivering pizza for over fifteen years and this is the first time something like this happened.  Really, what bothers me most is that I've driven right back out of places that I just had bad feelings about, but for the first time ever, noting at all felt wrong about driving down a driveway in a dark back alley.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Jeesh bud!  I had a gun shoved in my face before and was shaken for about a week.  Then again its cause my wife sorta accidentally set me up in that situation and when told what happened she acted like she didn't care and wouldn't have cared if I got shot.
7 years ago
Ok, that...would be ridiculous!

It really didn't feel quite like I'd have expected it to, but then again, I was just about to ask the guy if it was a real gun, since if it was, it was one that you wouldn't expect to be used in a robbery, when his friend stepped out of the shadows to the right holding one that I couldn't see as well.  At that point, pretty much all the fear I'd had turned to disgust, so I just said "whatever," slammed everything down and stomped down the steps
7 years ago
I've been on the wrong end of a gun a few times. Worked in the pawn business for  years. But, now, I'm a CCW licensee, and my carry piece rides in my front pocket and the bulge it makes looks like a cell phone. Now, anybody wanting to do something like you had happen to you to me is going to get a serious .40 caliber surprise.
7 years ago
I've got my permit also, and I have the physique to conceal a .45ACP Baby Eagle, but it really wouldn't have done me much good in this situation.  By the time I saw the gun, assuming it was real, he'd have dropped me before I could even finish drawing.  The next chance I'd have had would have been getting in the car, and then it would be a bit difficult to claim self defense.
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