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Can anyone help me with some lyrics?

Here's what I have... I haven't decided what should go where, I've been jotting it down as It comes to me.

Song: The Edge of Space: Wind Streamer's Theme

*figure this will probably be the chorus*
Pushing up in the Atmosphere!

soaring through the Stratosphere!

Hanging out oh so near the edge of space!

As I sit. And Watch. All the ponies go about below!

I can't help. But Think. About what's all on this globe!

Yet here I sit. Way above. Watching the sun set along the curve.

Sitting on The Edge of Space!

Way up here!

All Alone!

With no place!

To call Home........

*this would be the either the first or second verse*
They all said it was imposable.
That I should just go home.
Stay down like a good dodo.
But I'll show them, I'll make them know.
Try and Fail, Crash and Burn
Then one day my wings were torn.
Fly again, they said no.
But I'll show them, I'll MAKE THEM KNOW!

*This is either the third or last verse*
I'm working on a way to fly again
it's slow but it takes to air when
I fail again and they all just laugh
and say "Dodo's shouldn't fly cause they always crash"
But I'll Show them, I'll make them know
that I will fly and find it again
up there where the air is so cold
and the star's shine free
on the edge of space
that's where I belong!

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I can make this better... I'm working on a pic that goes with it showing a still winged Wind Streamer in the glare of the sun setting around the curvature of the earth.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
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