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Art Cycle

I'm so bored not drawing things I was supposed to that I decided to post a journal talking about how I do, or rather, dont draw stuff! Because obviously, everyone in the world is just dying to know this useless piece of information.
So, here is how it is:

First: Get an idea. Thanks to too many people on a previously posted journal I have plenty of them for the whole year, and considering how long I take to actually draw them, that means I have enough ideas for another three drawings.

Second: Get some characters. Once again, thanks to too many people who enragedly commented on a previously posted journal, I have quite some of those too!

Third: Draw a circle. Now this is quite the important step here. Because everything, ever, in every art tutorial ever written, starts with a damn circle. Since its so important I usually take about thirty minutes to finish this circle.

Fourth: Erase the circle, and draw it again. Everybody knows practice makes perfect. And of course that should work with circles too. And there goes another hour.

Fifth: Take a week long break to study circles. This is very important for a good drawing.

Sixth: Draw a complete sketch, based on the circle.

Seventh: Toss it away and do it again.

Eight: Repeat step seven four times.

Twelfth: Ink the damn thing. I use vectors on this part. For some reason.

Thirthie.. the next step: Toss it away and do it again. Somehow I hate when it looks the first few times.

Twentieth: Make a hundred layers inside folders for flats.

Twentieth first? Delete all those layers because obviously thats not the right way to do it.

22nd: Fill in the flats, again, this time with 80% less layers.

23rd: Spend three hours renaming layers, ordering them, and changing the flats palette very very slightly.

24th: Start shading using multiply mode layers.

25th: Figure out the shading is terrible, delete the shading layers.

26th: Shade it again, this time playing around with brushes controls because its obviously not my fault.

27th: Delete it all and do it again. This time however, playing with the tablet pressure controls.

28th: Go sleep, because I am tired of taking too long.

29th: Wake up to find a work you are unsatisfied with, delete everything and go play TF2.

30th: Yeah, I just woke up, its early and there is nobody playing TF2, watch gundam.

31st: Doodle something and post it on IB, making up some excuse.

32nd: Watch youtube videos about speedpainting, saying they are teaching me something.

33rd: Realize I fooled around for so long there are cobwebs on my tablet.

34th: Post journal talking about some silly crap so that watchers remember I am alive.

35th: Promise I am going to finish all, huh, most stuff that was requested and go back to gundam.

42nd: Post a single finished picture on IB, lie about finishing the rest.

69th: Get commissioned by some crazy wacko who isnt aware of my reliability.

1337th: Look back at very old posts talking about how unreliable I was.

Oh well, that was a good pastime. Dont think anybody actually reads these unless I'm promising to do something for free.
Anyway! Back to drawing stuff.
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Added: 6 years, 8 months ago
6 years, 8 months ago
... Don't you think that you're maybe a bit - just a bit! - too much perfectionist? x3
6 years, 8 months ago
I'm not a perfectionist, I just want everything perfect.
6 years, 8 months ago
Oh, I see! And I guess that you're not lazy, you just often procrastinate? x)
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