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The Judge-A-Book-By-It's-Cover Norm: Why it makes my blood boil

I, like many people, am just an honest person just trying to express my creativity and do what I can to survive. I weave art here and compose music there as I have for the past decade. But if there's one thing that's making living an absolute pain, it's the parasitic tumor that society has become.

Things have taken a turn for the worse ever since 2010, and we saw the rise of Socialist Justice Warriors (Yes I said socialist because they're more akin to the red menace) and the infamous Cancel Culture. Since they arrived, they have not left anyone alone. You can't do or say anything without these vampires getting all twisted in knots. There they wait, with white-hot branding irons in their hand, watching for someone to use a subject of a group they hate and BAM! You're automatically labeled as being affiliated with said group. Then they go on social media and make a huge deal out of it to make the public harass you off of any platform you're on. Just leaving anyone be for that matter is strictly taboo to these people.

It doesn't matter what the purity of your intentions are, they will start a witch hunt at the slightest deviation of what they deem is acceptable. We see it in Hollywood films, too. Ever notice how white/caucasian leads are a rarity? They are so prejudiced against us, calling us the cause of racism when they can't even look in the mirror and see the klan-like bias that is evident in their face. Many colored people are against this kind of thing and want to protect whites. It's good to know there are these kinds of souls in the world. Really, it's one of the only things keeping me from completely losing faith in humanity.

But now that I've laid the foundation for what I'm trying to express, let me turn your attention to Inkbunny for the moment. A lot of people on social media raise unholy hell because inkbunny is one of the only places where "that certain area of furry art" is accepted. I personally don't have a problem with it. Why? Because it's fictional characters in a fictional world with it's own set of laws and culture, completely separated from reality. It operates completely different than the real world. But that doesn't stop cancelites from wreaking havoc. They call whoever makes/favorites this art "those certain kind of molestors" and shout it from the rooftops. They want the line between reality and fiction removed.

These kind of people are the ones that make me want to puke. They go around stirring up trouble and think they are doing what's right. When will this nonsense end?
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2 weeks, 4 days ago
You know when I think this nonsense will end? When people stop being so stupidly sensitive.
I mean, I find your idea of socialism and "the red menace" to be very prejudiced, but I can understand why you have that viewpoint: You're American, you've been raised to fear communism like it's the devil, and so any mention of it will get your blood boiling, even if it has nothing to do with communism. I can only hope you'll one day see the difference between the ideals and the men who prey upon them.
Me? I hate religion, maybe to an extreme, because I've been raised to see all the injustice and corruption these institutions and beliefs have spread, regardless of the underlying message. Do I think all religious people are bad? No! I just think religion itself is a poison, and the less of it we have in our lives the better. Perhaps it's a necessary evil in some cases, but more often than not it's only another venue of power for the malicious to exploit.
We all have things we hate in life, whether due to bad experiences or upbringing. But if we can try and look past those things, and try to have a conversation, then we might just grow stronger for it. You just need to have some thick skin to see past the initial bias, both of the other and of yourself.
Of course, SJWs and similarly crazy people are harder than most to break through to, given their extreme beliefs. And some of them will never see reason, simply because they don't know it. But those kinds of people deserve no attention, no respect, because they have nothing to offer the world except madness. They're not trying to fix a problem the wrong way, they ARE a problem. And if you come across them, do not even try to engage them in discussion. Ignore them or destroy them, whichever is easier.
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