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===Pathoc Info Text Wall Crap===

Because nothing is ever, ever, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVEREVEREVER simple with me, I've decided to make a full out info journal for my 'sona. ...well, ok, I decided to do this like... two weeks ago and have just been too damn lazy, but whatever.

This might be incomplete or really hard to follow :I I'll work more on it later @.@ Lazy.

And, yes, the karam stuff was what I was talking about with weirdness >:I;;


Height/Length: 12 feet long if laid out, 8 foot tall if standing(Hunched over)
Weight: *Shrugs, mimics farting sound with mouth*
Age: 24
Species equivalent: 'Teen'
Eating habit: Omnivore

Eye colour: Red
Body tones: Dark brown, slightly creamy white
Fur style: Darker areas are much shorter, down near the skin; lighter areas are fluffy. Lacks scales.
Mane style: Pppfffttttttt
Horns: Unknown, keeps horns buzzed down to stumps.

Sheath style: Horse-like, external balls, genital slit
Cock length: Roughly 3 feet, a bit thicker than a horse.(Picture is not at right length)
Cock style: Horse-ish, knot at the base with ridges running from mid-point along the bottom-half to the hilt.
Balls: I dunno, hefty but not insane?

===General SPECIES INFO===

Dragon type:
Draeth; related to eastern dragons.

Age range:
1-14 Child, 15-40 'teen', 41+ adult; due to regeneration rate, does not weaken or die of old age.

The draeth are able to generate an electric field due to natural bioelectric organs placed throughout the body. If in need, they are capable of delivering varying degrees of electrical shocks from generally any point in the body.

In combination with their natural electric field and the interaction with an unknown biological agent, the draeth can levitate at will; more so, they are always levitating. If walking or standing on ground, they are, in fact, pushing themselves down enough to simulate the effect of weight.

Due to the constant physical stress of their particular electricity, the draeth have a highly boosted rate of regeneration, capable of replacing generally any body part within minutes for bad wounds. Feasibly, a decapitated draeth can regenerate their entire body under the right conditions(Constant nutritional supply, temporary reworking of cardio system, etc). The high regeneration rate and constant use of electricity demand the need to eat quite often.

Dulled sensation of pain:
As electricity is always pulsing through their body, the draeth have an altered perception of pain. They are aware of harm, but do not experience pain in the same sense; comparitive to a greatly reduced feeling for it. This has no effect on pleasure or other sensations.


The Karam:
The draeth developed alongside a species of skyeel called karam. These free-floating, snake/eel creatures have co-existed with the draeth since the two species first came into being.

The draeth and the karam evolved to share both a similar nervous system and biological functions for the purpose of symbiosis. When draeth and karam eggs are placed near one another, they automatically begin to attune to create compatible mental bonds, altering both brain chemistries to match. After hatching, both remain within short distance of one another, communicating sensory information and thoughts via their attuned bioelectric fields. As time passes, typically within a month of hatching, the two mentally combine to become a single being; two bodies, one mind.

The draeth have adapted specialized internal tunnels that the karam use to slither through, usually staying housed in the tail chamber when resting. The most common entry point is through the mouth.

Karam Symbiotic functions:
While the draeth act as protectors and odd safe-havens, the karam work as tools. They serve a wide-range of uses, scouting, flanking prey, grooming, etc. Some draeth, especially younger ones, like to use them for more devious purposes, making full use of their own regeneration rate and bizarre nervous system to 'hack' them into areas nature didn't intend.

===Sexual Info===

Genital slit:
Due to the dangers of exposed flesh at high altitudes, the draeth have an internal muscle that pulls their sheath and balls inside of them temporarily, leaving an upside-down Y-style genital slit on the outside. Generally, the draeth can leave their junk out in the open or pull it inside at will. Of course, leaving their sack internal for too long can render their sperm temporarily useless, due to body heat.

Multiple anal rings:
An additional evolutionary feature gives the draeth multiple anal rings; these stacked, 1-inch long muscles help to avoid any unintentional 'drops' from high speed travel. In addition, the rings get moist with friction and can grant a seperate orgasm of their own; a social feature with the draeth for establishing dominance between members.

Pathoc's 'snake-cock':
Many younger draeth like to experiment with hacking their own nervous system to mimic different functions with their karam, the most common hack being to attach their karam within their sheath, entirely emulating the sensation of a second cock and such. When hooked up this way, the karam's fluids alter to be pre. With enough stimulation, the draeth can orgasm through their karam, jetting their cum through the creature's mouth.
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