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Update on things...

ugh, the blissful ignorance of the time between finals and the arrival of grades has vanished... got my first grade today, and suffice it to say it was less than expected :(  I'm disappointed in myself for procrastinating (gawd why do I always wait to the last minute to study!? T__T ), but all-in-all I did try my best so in that regard, i don't regret anything... just one of those things... i'm a big believer that grades don't define anyone, so i won't let this get too much under my fur ;)

besides the negatives, I'm very happy that I've met some really cool furs already since i joined...thank you guys for being down-to-earth and cool about everything... i continue to be amazed by your guys' awesome art and friendships ^^

as some of you already know, i've decided to name my fursona Cale (a name i've always liked and a ref. to a good friend of mine)...Cale is a shy but very friendly wolf in his early twenties, and is a combo of some of my traits along with those characteristics i've always wanted to have (like good patience...XD)

anyway, now that i've thought of a name for my fursona, i gotta start saving money so i can commission a ref sheet sometime soon... that way i can get even more commissions...yay! ^_^

so yea, for the most part things are ok and i hope to do these journals some more, so i can at least post something... i was thinking about uploading some of my recorded piano songs, but idk if anyone would want to hear them; they're mostly simple covers or little compositions i've written over the years... at some point, maybe i'll put one or two to start... we'll see -__-

thank you guys for reading this and letting me vent somewhat... for those who are in school, i hope all your academic goals are achieved for those that aren't, i hope all of your obstacles are overcome... i gots lots of faith in us furries... :D

until then, this is Cale saying good night and *big hugs* to everyone ^^ ... peace ;3
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
well im glad the finals are over for you and im glad your liking it here on IB ^_^ and i would like to hear your piano songs i some times find music from a piano very relaxing well good night *hugs and licks* ^_^
6 years, 10 months ago
thank you for your kind words ^_^  in that case, i'll definitely upload some piano songs very soon :D *hugs and licks back*
6 years, 10 months ago
yay :D and your welcome ^_^ *hugs and licks*
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