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I Need Some Insight Here

Some months ago something happened that I still think about, but it never sits well with me, and maybe someone here could offer some insight.

Goddess and I were going to do our laundry at the laundromat.  Into the washer with my clothes, and then the dryer, where I of course pulled out and cleaned the lint trap.  When the laundry was done, I put it in the basket and closed the dryer door.  That's when Goddess asked, "aren't you going to clean the lint trap?"  

I seem to recall visibly shaking my head in shock and asking, "what?"   Shi pointed out the sign that exists in all laundromats telling users to clean the lint traps after they are finished.  I looked at hir like shi was crazy and explained that sure the sign exists, but if I believed in it, I wouldn't have checked the trap before I started the machine, and you can't make a person clean the trap when they are finished, but it isn't your problem if someone doesn't clean the trap before they start.  Therefore, let it be that the cleaning of the trap is before the machine is started, and only once.

Shi seemed almost sad by what I had said, and for the next few minutes, quietly urged me to do as the sign said.  I asked hir why it mattered to hir, but I don't remember any hint of an answer.  I did clean the trap again, and quickly moved into a state of bitterness, annoyed by a pointless act not even worth the value of the lint removed and a hundred times faster forgotten.

By this point, I am sure this seems very stupid to most of you reading this, but that is what makes me so curious about the whole thing: why did shi care about something so infinitesimally miniscule?
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Added: 7 years, 2 months ago
7 years, 2 months ago
bitch be crazy XD
7 years, 2 months ago
Several reasons exist, and none less valid then the other. I present them in order from most likely to least likely.

KINDNESS: A sign like that is a quiet and subtle plea for kindness that very few follow. The person before you did not follow that of course, and few do. But you are not the majority. You are Special. You should raise above that "average" in as many ways as you can. Raising above the many starts in forming habits on the small level.

GREATNESS: Few perform the task. Most ignore it, put it off to the next. "It's not my problem." the many say. You however, should strive not to be the Many. On a very fundamental level, you should strive to be greater then the majority, and refuse to allow yourself to say "Not my problem."

LAW: The sign as clear, implicit instructions, and you are a guest of that laundromat. As a guest, you should follow the laws and outlines given to you, even if most don't.

I don't believe you follow a Goddess obsessed with law, so the last is least likely, but in all my thinking, I feel one theme remains the same: Because "Everybody does it" does not cut it. Following the lowest common denominator of humanity is a very bad thing. You should be striving to be something better then Average.
7 years, 2 months ago
Probably cause shi was trying to be considerate to the next person who used it...which makes me think shi is a keeper....very few people in this day and age even think of being so nice to a total stranger....its like going into a bar and dropping 50$ to the bartender and telling him that till the money is gone,whoever orders from that point on drinks free
7 years, 2 months ago
Shi is nice, but a keeper?  Oh~ I don't think so; as far as I can tell, shi likes to encourage the growth of good in people, but what shi will do for that cause has limits.
7 years, 1 month ago
xD somehow shi reminds me of Celestia from MLP
7 years, 1 month ago
All things considered, I agree with Kupok. She wanted to shake you out of that of that "everyone is doing it" mindset. It is the lowest common denominator and, to use a slighty exaggerated expression, passive vandalism by neglect. Which, on a greater scale, leads to phlematic stagnation, which can lead to "good old days" (that were never good) conservativism/reactivism, and to a slow erosion of personal responsiblitiy, which leads to apathy and mob mentality. Which would explain hir disappointment. Do not fall into the same mental traps and sinkholes you bemoan in others.

There is also a second point, which is, I guess, also the point of the Buddhist monks who take a broom and sweep the leaves in the forest. Actually it are two points, the first is "be mindful of your surroundings" - you can find a number of things when you look places, including hidden gems (and be it just a flower that lifts your spirit or an interesting shape or shadow that inspires you) and easily overlooked warning signs (from actual warning signs to ill-maintained parts of machinery to warning signs in people) - and the second is "even an exercise in futility is still exercise"  - sweeping all the leaves trains attention, hand-eye coordination, energy economic movement and mental and physical stamina.

Another semi-relatied point is intuition - you need a good link to the folks above to get precise information and a good eye for both details and the whole to actually find what they point you to.
Reminds me at the time I tried to localize a friend by his aura. It was a games convention and I comparably easily felt his position. Only upon not finding him there I realized I was on the wrong floor.
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