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I've had a lot going on just in the past few days in my life. My 90 year-old grandmother is going to be staying at my house for the rest of this month. I haven't seen her in years but she's definitely a lot more frail than what I remembered her as. Normally she's under the care of one of my aunts down in North Carolina but they brought her up here to visit for a month and I wouldn't be surprised if this may be the last visit.

She was originally going to stay at another one of my aunts who lives a little more close to home but she chooses to live in filth and squalor and just one day of my grandma living there caused her some health concerns. I don't know the whole details since I wasn't there and wasn't involved but my grandma doesn't want to go back there again.

So on top of my grandma living at my house, my eldest brother moved back in again. He supposedly "broke up" with his messed up girlfriend for which I commend him and hope he has the sense to stay away as she has screwed up his life BAD. This time, they broke up on religious conflictation. To sum it up short, my brother is a Roman Catholic and his girlfriend is Wiccan and my brother is fed up with her believing she is a witch and can cast spells on people. It goes a lot deeper than that but that's just putting the religious differences mildly.

My brother hasn't caused any trouble living here yet but he did bring a problem back with him: his dog. Those of you who actually read my journals may recall a long while ago a time where I often highlighted the problems my eldest brother's dog caused while he was living here. The same dog he was supposed to put into the bulletin board because he won't take care of it and the dog is extremely energetic, causing way too much trouble. So now my mom is bitchin' at ME about the problems being caused by my brother's dog like it's somehow my responsibility even though my brother was just in another room. Last time I tried to take care of the problem by offering the dog free to a good home in the local Bulletin Board classified ads (which are HUGE compared to the local newspaper), I caught hell for taking care of a problem my brother said he was going to do and put it off day after day, week after week, month after month.

As long as I'm stuck living here, I'd much prefer not to see the house devolve again back into the shitty mess it once was back when my siblings lived here and trashed the place more than what it already was. I've worked too hard to get this house cleaned up to the level it is now (and it's still an embarrassing, filthy mess) to have it trashed again. So I'm laying down some rules along with my dad's help that my brother better abide by. First things first, that dog has got to go. If he's not going to even attempt to care for the dog, then he shouldn't have one, especially one that gets into everything and causes too much trouble. It ain't my responsibility and I'm sick and tired of doing everyone else's work for them.

Time for a short but funny story. The other day, me and my eldest brother went into town and we were walking a long a bike path. We probably walked about four miles or so total but along the way we ran into something unexpected. In the middle of the path was a rooster, just strutting around. Alongside was a cute little cat that was rolling around a lot and had the look on its face like it had just heard a funny joke. The rooster just came as a weird surprise finding one on the bike path. I figure it was owned by someone so I let him be.

Professor Awesome finally managed to get himself an X-box 360. I visited him yesterday and brought over a TV and we tried out system linking our X-boxes together and it was luckily successful. We're still in the process of preparing an epic (sorta) Borderlands 2 gaming event but we both have X-boxes now so that's one item crossed off the list. Next up is getting a second hard drive. In the end we'll probably get X-box live gold if we have enough money left and we could use an extra player or two on-line if anyone would be interested. Of course, that's not until September when Borderlands 2 releases.

I haven't gotten any new art done recently, just working with Professor Awesome on story ideas and the like for Demordicai Diamonds. I did make a real wooden shield out of some spare wood, back pack straps, and screws. It's pretty cool looking though it isn't decorated. I might go and ask my middle brother if he'd be interested in decorating it.

So that's pretty much it for this journal. Things have certainly been eventful these past few days. I can't really give a good estimate on when I'll have some new artwork to show but I may go back to Professor Awesome's house for a weekly stay sometime soon. Don't know though, I might go on a camping trip sometime soon as well.    
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