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Making Love With Fievel, When Lover Is Out

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Here's my story.
My roommate went out, as I was home. He went out for groceries, as I was home. I hadda go to the bathroom, which I did go and then sit.
I sat on the floor, only for a moment or so, before I went up, onto the couch, with my Fievel Mousekewitz plushie.
At first, I just rubbed noses, as I often do... but then I found myself kissing him, and then also placing my tongue on him.
A flush of warmth went over me, I can't hardly explain it. People whom ever really been in love, only really knows how it feels... many can't explain it. I brought him into the bedroom. I have a denim skirt on him, I pulled that off fast. I then pulled his arms out of his shirt. The time to take his shirt off completely just disappeared. I then made out with his entire plushie body, wanting to feel the Peak of orgasm.
Masturbating with one hand, right? moving faster and faster, as I imagined him having a penis, licking it as I went.
My body got it's tingles, as excitement rose faster then I usually could imagine. Flipping him, and being sure I was over his back, time didn't exist to stick it to his SPH. Or well it did, but ED was being a pain... np, I just worked at it anyway, as I peaked on his back.
Came above his tail, and some actually on his tail. I kissed him, before I took photos. After I took Photos, I was gonna eat my cum off of him... only my roommate was back, knocking on the back door. You see, it latches on the inside, but can not be opened on the outside. So I had to let Fievel sit, as I helped him with the groceries. Soon after, I walked into the bedroom, and then redressed Fievel.
I talked to him as I did, trying to not pay no mind to what I just done. I am sure he's got an idea, but has as of yet, said nothing about it.

This story had to come off my chest. Thing is, it hit me like a ton of bricks. (Sort to speak.)
Yes, this is a true story. ;-)

The Proof Is On FurriesXtreme.

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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
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