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Happy Decemberween, nevertheless.

So, erm, we've all seen some evil shit go down in the last few days.  What we should be doing today, though, is taking a day to think about what's really going to be important to us for the rest of our lives.  Stop thinking about the latest attention-seeking travesty to come out of the "ironically" badly-drawn people inside your magical computer box.  Look to your real friends, family, and pets to spend Decemberween with.  (Even if you're some bizarre type of eggplant worshipper or something that doesn't celebrate Decemberween.  You've still got the day off from work/school/whatever it is that you do, and you have no reason whatsoever not to.)  Do something together that you love.  Don't spend it worrying about or screaming at some dumbass you saw on the internet.  Just that they have to be themselves is worse revenge than you can ever hope to invent, and there's a time to stop trying to outdo nature.

You need to find something that's truly precious and beautiful in life.  Make it something that the trolls and fuckups can't ever take away from you.

(So apparently Inkbunny shows your last 3 journals on your page, which means this isn't going to push the bad awful evil drama journal off my page yet.  The thing is though?  That's a better way to design it than all the other sites use.  I mean seriously, how much time did I waste on FA when someone posted a journal, and I had to open a separate journals page, not actually to read any journals, but just to see if there was one I missed in between the last journal I read and the one that's up right this second?  What Inkbunny does here is exactly the kind of forward-looking and not-just-copying-the-same-old-crap design I can get behind.  I used to be one of those dummkopfen saying "well sure it has absurdly better features and admins with actual brains, but I don't like the interface and also I need a change my dipey!"  (No slight intended to actual babyfurs, who I don't hear that kind of BS from.)  The more I look at Inkbunny's interface, though, the more I realize how much sense it makes.  Like there's no need for anyone's profile and contact info to be at the top of the page, because they're just never going to change often enough to justify looking at them all the time.)

(I would really like an option to always display time in absolute format, though.  (i.e. "June 25, 2010" instead of "6 months ago."))

-- Bartolo Polkakitty is obviously practicing what he preaches.

Keep the night light on inside the birdhouse in your soul.
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