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Real World Update

So, as many of you know, the job market out there is trashed because of the Pandemic, and now the "Protests" closing down many businesses. Well. I am one of those who is out of work right now, and Like everyone else, I still have bills to pay. But unlike  some, even with the Unemployment boost from the CARE Act, the weekly pay is still only a fraction of what I normally make when I am working. With that in mind I am opening up for freelancing work to maybe fill the gap.

I am a Unix/Linux Systems administrator, and have experience working with Windows systems also. Things that I can do with ease from my workstation:

1. General Systems/Server Administration.
2. Operating System updates and upgrades.
3. Server configuration Optimization.
4. Server Performance tuning.
5. WordPress Site instillation and management.
6. System Security tuning.
7. Error and Issue investigation and resolution.
8. Common task automation.
9. System audits.
10. Almost anything that can be done or managed remotely.

I can do a lot more, but this is a simple list. If you or someone you know is in need of a Unix/Linux Systems professional, check out my UpWork at the link below, or send me a direct message to discuss any projects you might have in mind.

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Added: 10 months ago
10 months ago
Sorry to hear you lost your job Neosate, hope you find something soon.
10 months ago
I didn't really lose it. The contract came to an end. It just happened to end when everything else was bad. I've known this was coming for a long time. Its just hard when there is so much competition out there.
10 months ago
Also part of thr problem is that ever since the Great Recession, many companies have looked into their inherent greed and thought to themselves to enrich those at the top and barely give anything to their low level employees.

While a company needs to make a profit to stay afloat, it needs it's people to keep in competition with others. And that is what the CEOs and owners of these businesses forgot. When you have the complete trust and loyalty of your workers and give them a fair chance amd wage you can do much and keep going further.
10 months ago
Unfortunately I don't have work for you. (My employer cannot hire personel from the states) but I could give you a few suggestions what you could look into, that would both be fun to learn and improve your chances (and wage expectations) for re-hiring significantly if you add them to that list:

1. Configuration of server based GPU / acceleration and frameworks to do this. (CUDA, ONNX, ...)
2. Cluster computation:
  2.1 Distributed/Cluster filesystems and cluster networking.
  2.2 Distributed/Redundant storage.
  2.3 Knowledge and setup of a distributed cluster job scheduling system (slurm, HP-condor, ...)
3. Setup of cloud based, distributed computation jobs, for example with Amazon AWS DLAMI, Microsoft Azure Deep Learning Framework, Google Cloud AI platform, etc...
4. Go through some deep learning tutorials, (Pytorch / Tensorflow) so you can rightfully say you know what you're talking about.
5. Interfacing web applications with deep learning backends (cloud based or server based) through REST or similar interfaces...
6. Do some open source demo project to showcase your skills. For example a Javascript browser-extension that - when installed - auto-solves google's "select all traffic lights" captcha by running the images through a server based detector neural network or something like that. (Warning, if that actually works, google might either sue you or try to hire you - or both ;) )

10 months ago
Thank you for your suggestions, many of these items you mention are already on my CV(resume)  The issue is not skill set, but rather limited opportunities and the inability to relocate for personal reasons. Literally the last two positions I interviewed for it was a toss up between me and another candidate and they just chose the other person.

I am just looking for small time projects as a possible gap filler. The UpWork platform is vary limiting on the skills you can list on the profile.
10 months ago
Limited amount of skills in "upwork" profile ... can you make several different profiles/accounts, focusing on different thematic subsets of your skills? I did so many things in so many fields, it would actually be detrimental to put that all in the same profile, - I'd probably end up looking over- or mis-qualified for most jobs.  so there could be neosate the linux admin -- neosate the database guru -- neosate the web backend developer -- neosate the deep learning specialist , etc..
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