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Beginning This Week...

I'm sketchmission streaming for three days instead of just two.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 4PM to 4AM EST.  I need to up my game and I need to start saving more money.

Why has my speed slowed down lately?  A small part because I keep getting distracted during streams, which will be stopping.  I'm going to lock myself in my room and stop responding to people while I'm drawing.  It's costing me money.

The other reason is because I'm increasing my quality (AKA more focus on detail).  So I'm going to start asking buyers what they're more interested in when it's their turn, Quality or Quantity.  There is a vast difference for the two.  A bunch of really rough/simple sketches that get the idea across, or a handful of clearly drawn images that look good.  Everyone has their own idea for which is better, so it's something I'll be asking about now.

Robbie doesn't get to say because his always seem to default to awesome for some reason.  Jerk.

$15 an hour, $20 for a two-character sketch, like always.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
God, what a jerk Robbie is! XD
7 years ago
Do whatcha gotta do :P I'll keep throwing money at you X3
7 years ago
Robbins Robbie, why you gotta be that way?
7 years ago
If I had more money..but..plane tickets this month.. know what that means? More money next month~!
7 years ago

Totally did not notice you calling me out there. You're a meaner!
7 years ago
Sorry for having distracted during at least one (if not more) stream(s). c.c;

But that raises the question... when's a good time to pester you about not-art-related stuffs? XD
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