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12-Hour Stream Event Rules and Link!

The 12-Hour stream will commence at 2PM EST!  (Which is in less than half an hour!)

I will be drawing OCs!  All you have to do to get your OC drawn is come into the chat and say hello, maybe talk a little bit, and link me to a picture or description of your character!  I'll be drawing my OCs and perhaps ponies, video game characters, or whatever else if I don't have anyone to draw, but this is mostly for sketching other people's original characters.  If you want to get your character drawn and have a good time in general, here are the basic rules and guidelines that you need to know! ^_^


1. Don't be a jerk!  This should go without saying!

2. You must have a description (of no more than two paragraphs, generally) typed out or a reference picture provided to get drawn.  If you're from Filly, you can link your character profile.  Anthro is okay.  Pony is okay.  If you have a feral character I'll do my best.  Human is alright.  I'll give a shot at pretty much anything!

3. Requests will be PG-13 at most!  If you link a profile that's adult, please warn the chat FIRST.  If you don't, I'll kick you out of the chat!  If your character is hypersexualized, I might tone it down a bit, cover things up, etc.

4. Don't link drop and expect to get drawn!  This is a party, so come in and hang out, if you just post a link and don't say anything, I'll ignore it.

5. Behave yourselves in chat!  A little innuendo is fine, but be mindful of those around you.  Too much affection in chat and I might have to boot you.  Sorry!  PG-13 for today, remember!

6. I reserve the right to refuse anything and everything, and I reserve the right to make up new rules on the spot!  It's my stream!  I'll be nice, of course, because I love most all you guys, but don't push me and try to ruin things for everyone else!  I can refuse to draw any OC, simplify things (it's free, what do you want?), ignore requests if I feel like it, or add/change existing rules for the stream.  I probably won't, since I'm pretty laid back about it.  But if people start causing trouble I might get tough.  (This never happens, but this is just sayin'.)

Livestream is HERE: http://www.livestream.com/foxsaliant

I'll see you there! ^___^
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