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Anatomy (and tailbow) of a mouse... ( cobbled from FA - Part I )

Cobbled together from two FA journals and several responses considering Amy's unique anatomy & tailbow.... (Note: NSFW and possibly TMI- You've been warned!)

The Story of Amy's tailbow....

Just fair warning that this journal is NSFW and maybe fall under TMI, and it's about Amy, my mousie girl character. :) If not interested or not prepared to read this, you're free to skip this journal. Those expecting only "clean" things from me will be greatly disappointed. :) I had written this for a PM to explain that tailbow of hers, and I hope it's adequate...



Amy was just like every other little girl, for the most part, up until her 5th birthday. So much like others, she was completely forgettable- Just an unremarkable, but nice, little mousiegirl.

Until the night of her 5th birthday, that is.

You see, her version of Earth is no more magical than ours, but as with ours, there are just some things that can't be explained conventionally.

What she experienced that very night was just such an event.

She changed-- Her eyes changed from the common mousey brown to a clear light yellow-green that glowed bright neon-green under a blacklight, much like uranium glass... But that didn't end there, nope.... She had a spontaneous orgasm- Her first orgasm! Nope, she didn't touch herself down there- She WAS sleeping soundly, until she suddenly came-- Her panties were soaked, but it definitely was not pee! The next morning, because of the surprising orgasmic squeek that her mother heard, she was taken to a doctor, when they found the second change-- She had no hymen, whatsoever- No torn tissue, nothing- It was just GONE! It would be found out later she was unable to produce eggs, but that orgasm triggered something else- Amy became aware of her sexuality, and at the same time, actually showed signs of a very intelligent young girl.... But that night, there was a third surprise: a tailbow. Oh, she wore tailbows most of her life, much like any mousiegirl would, but not a large fuschia velour bow- The loops, when fully extended were the same as the length of her torso, while the velour ribbon was just as wide as her torso....but it couldn't come off! Oh, they tried, several times-- Found out it was completely indestructable, and yet, it wasn't glued to the skin, or sewn in- No-one could figure out HOW it stayed on, but it was decided that since the skin (and the tail itself) weren't adversely affected- No loss of circulation, nothing-- they weren't going to do anything further.

No-one expected that the tailbow would grow with her, matching her torso dimensions just as she grew, even though she remained undersized well into adulthood, at 3'11" tall.

So regardless what she wore, she always had a giant fuschia/hot-magenta velour bow on that tail of hers, even if it seemed that her clothes might clash with it, somehow it worked. And that's even with her favourite colour- No, it wasn't pink (though she likes pink), but TEAL. Just somehow, it worked. :)

Oh, yeah- She knew she was attracted to girls from that night onwards, and would explore herself until her first time with another girl- Amy was nine, Tandi was 10, and they had been best friends for a couple years, since Tandi emigrated with her parents from Ireland-- And Tandi is an Irish red squirrel, whose name came from how her parents met-- At a tandoori restaurant in London.... But Tandi's story is for another day! ;)



[ Response to

" I'm more apt to go with a Beatrix Farmer-type situation-- Interdimentional beings who put ordinary bunnygirl Beatrix Farmer in a skintight metallic maroon bodysuit, leaving only the arms, shoulders and head exposed, that never comes off- All body waste gets transported somewhere in deep space, etc.... In Amy's case, not quite as severe as that, but it enhanced, rather than increased, her intelligence and personality-- It was there, but could never really shine. Oddly, though, as bright as Amy is (and she's a very well-read mousie- She actually enjoys reading, and no, not usually romance novels-- She prefers SF for her fiction and she loves reading non-fiction- More like the National Geographic type, as she loves reading about places, technology and science), Amy is not an expert at anything in particular, and certainly not as good at things as she'd like to be.

I didn't go into great detail about the eyes, though I should've-- Prior to the event, her eyes were actually slightly poorer than the average mouse's in her world-- Her's was 35/20, whereas the average for mice is 30/20 (a bit worse than what's considered "normal". After the event, it made her eyesight 25/20, and could see colours MUCH sharper than even normal humans. The colour has an odd side effect that instead of the red glow when bright light hits the eyes (it's from the blood vessels in your eyes), it's yellow-green... And while her eyes glow quite bright under ultraviolet light, it doesn't seem to blind her at all- It just has the same effect, except that blacklights appear a little greenish to her. She does occasionally read glasses for long-term reading, though.

An odd effect of all of this is that she ends up with an exceptionally long life, although that has yet to really manifest itself--- Her life story ends at the age of 232, but she will appear to have been no more grizzlied than that of a mouse of 60. (Life expentancy is otherwise on par with humans in her world. I REALLY should explain what the actual differences are between her Earth and ours! There isn't much radically different, but there are differences.)

[ To NessaMouse ]

" They (the docs, pediatricians, etc.) would've noticed pretty early on whether she was missing it or not. When it breaks, it still leaves a ring of tissue, and can tell if there was tearing if recent enough. In this case, Amy was considered quite normal until that night, and showed no signs of breakage- There were no signs at that point whether she had a hymen at all, and certainly no tissue stretching and tearing, so she clearly showed no signs of being raped-- No-one could figure out how she could have a spontaneous orgasm at 5.

Yes, 5 is a bit young, but I've talked with some girls (in their teens by that point) who were already exploring themselves by the time they were 5 or 6, so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. The thing, though, is, before that event, she was about as clueless as any young girl her age, yet afterwards, she knew what sex and sexuality was, and she understood the pleasure she was feeling down there-- Yet no-one ever told her anything or ever touched her inappropriately, so how could she know? Her own answer is that she just knows, and doesn't know why or how she knew then. She DID understand why many were uncomfortable with a child knowing enough about sex, and knew how it felt, and knew it was a private thing-- And kept it that way- Only her mother knew, but she did respect the fact even her mother was uncomfortable about it. (Her mum did give Amy her first sex toy, by the time she was six-- A miniature version of this toy (link). )

No, age progression is about the same for the furs of her world as for the humans of ours. Only the size difference, depending on species, is different-- Mice normally grow to 4.5-5' tall, whereas Amy is 3'11". However, the second-tallest and second-shortest living furs of her Earth are, in fact, mice- 7'9" (female) and 2'9" (male), respectively.

I have been planning, off-and-on, to write a story about Amy's first times, with both a girl, and a few days later, a boy, at the age of 9, when she just couldn't stand the pressure inside, and wanted to have sex with her best friend, whom she had to then secretly had a crush on. (The boy- a rabbit- was another matter- Amy was curious, simple as that!) Been unsure whether to go through with it or not.

Ironic to say, Amy tries her best not to let her sexual life rule her life, period, and doesn't even let it dominate. She was, however, the most-read girl on the subject, at that age.

Then, there's the matter of her near-obsession with panties... ;)

(Near?? ;) )

[ Continued in Part II ]

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