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Writing commissions are now open

I am now accepting custom writing commissions.

I have been writing short stories in the furry genre for over 14 years, and have been writing as a facet of my professional life for considerably longer than that. I'm highly skilled at generating clear and satisfying written content, and am offering my services to anyone who may want to take advantage of them.

Here's how it works:

If you're interested in having me write for you, contact me via private message here. We can then discuss the details of your commission: story outline, characters, settings, preferred story length, and so on. Once we are both satisfied with the basics, I can get started.

I'm comfortable writing about any subject matter, fetish, kink--whatever you want to call it; these can be discussed in our initial consultation. Trust me, I'll let you know if I'm uncomfortable with anything. I can tell you at the outset that I won't write anything that contains water sports or scatological themes. Anything else, for the most part, is fair game.

I will only include characters you have created, or for whom you have the express written permission from the characters' creator for me to use in a story. I don't care if a character you want to include belongs to your very bestest friend in the whole wide world; get their permission in writing! A private message or email is fine.

Please don't ask me to include cartoon characters, movie characters, or characters from literature or video games. They can be mentioned in passing, but they cannot be active characters in the story.

PRICING (Please keep in mind all amounts are in US Dollars)
Once we have agreed on moving forward with your commission, I will require a good-faith up-front payment of fifty dollars ($50.00). I accept payment via PayPal. This isn't a slapped-on surcharge; it will go toward the final charge for your completed story. Upon completion, you will be charged for the full amount for your story minus the $50.00 you have already paid.

For a regular story with no adult subject matter, I charge a standard rate of three cents ($0.03) per word, or thirty dollars ($30.00) per thousand words.

I have no problem writing sexual situations, but stories containing adult subject matter will incur a higher rate of three and a half cents ($0.035) per word, or thirty-five dollars ($35.00) per thousand words.

Word counts do not include titles or copyright/character notices; only the actual text of the story will be counted. I compose all my work in Open Office, and will use their word count tool for all calculations.

If a story contains more than five (5) major characters, each additional character above that number will require an added flat fee of ten dollars ($10.00). Staging for a crowd of major characters involves extra consideration. Keep in mind this applies to major characters only; the addition of incidental characters will not incur this charge.

This pricing scale is not up for debate or negotiation, and I have not arrived at these prices randomly. Professional freelance writing ranges from five to fifteen cents ($0.05 - $0.15) per word and upward, so my rates are well below even the bottom range when compared to industry standards.

For a clearer picture, let me apply my rates to some of the stories I have already posted online. These examples will give you an idea of my writing style, story lengths and what to expect regarding pricing.

The Big Z
Story length: 2,390 words
Final total (non-adult subject matter): 2,390 x $0.03 = $71.70
Final total (adult subject matter): 2,390 x $0.035 = $83.65
This is a very short story, with minimal character development.

Gaining a New Perspective
Story length: 6,058 words
Final total (non-adult subject matter): 6,058 x $0.03 = $181.74
Final total (adult subject matter): 6,058 x $0.035 = $212.03
This is longer and more involved short story, with more character development; the majority of the stories I write are roughly in this range.

The Spirit of Rancor
Story length: 12,269 words
Final total (non-adult subject matter): 12,269 x $0.03 = $368.07
Final total (adult subject matter): 12,269 x $0.035 = $429.41
This is a pretty long short story, with detailed character development and staging.

If you have a long and involved story you would like to have told, but would prefer to break your commission down into chapters or installments over time, we can work things that way. I have no problem with coming back to characters and settings and revisiting what is going on in their world from time to time. I welcome repeat business from loyal customers!

Here's a summary of my writing process: I do cursory editing as I write, and once the story is completed I go back to the beginning and perform a more thorough edit. In this final pass, I not only do spelling and format checks, but I also correct any errors in pacing, flow and continuity. Once this process is complete, I'll show the story to the person who commissioned it.

At this point, you'll be allowed to make suggestions for a final edit, if needed. Just one final edit is allowed, so make sure any issues you have with the story are presented to me clearly. I'll make any necessary changes, and the story will be considered completed, upon which final payment is to be remitted via PayPal.

I won't take your commission if I'm currently swamped with requests. I'll post on the front page of my account here if I'm currently taking commissions, and I'll also maintain a list there of who is in my commission queue.

I'll do the very best I can to make the wait for your story as brief as possible, and will keep in touch regularly to let commissioners know how I am progressing. I'll also keep the commission queue on the front page of my account updated.

You are free to post anything I write for you online anywhere you please, provided you credit me as the author of the content. Additionally, you must post a clear warning if the writing contains adult themes or sexual content. Please do not post or publish my writing for personal profit unless you have received my written permission to do so. Additionally, do not post my writing to any websites that require payment in order to view content. Finally, do not, under any circumstances, post any altered or edited versions of my writing anywhere.

I will also expect your permission to post the completed work wherever I please; I will credit you with the appropriate copyright notices for your original characters. Should you request sole publication and/or ownership rights for any story I write for you, it can be discussed for a considerable extra fee. But I would strongly prefer not to go that route.

And that is pretty much that. Forgive me for being long-winded, but I am both proud and protective of my creativity. I pledge to my commissioners the very best creative writing I can muster.

With that said, let's get together and tell a story!
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Hm... what if a story is so short it is worth less than 50$?

In any case I think I will try this. I long for a continuation of this story:

So my character Sen again at work, doing all kinds of perverted things to young customers, co-workers, food and such. I can give you a bit more details when you approve :3
6 years, 9 months ago
Well, with my pricing, $50 would get you 1,429 words, assuming you would want adult subject matter, as in the story you linked to. The shortest story I have ever written was 2,390 words, and the story you linked to, not including the disclaimer, was 5,052 words. So please use those counts as a gauge.

I think I can do a continuation of your story, but please keep in mind it would be at least 5,000 words, which would be $175 at the adult subject matter rate of 3.5 cents per word.

If you would still like to commission me after thinking this over, please contact me either via PM or on any of the IMs I have listed on my IB account.
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