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Stream schedule + Iron Artist

Now that I finally have a predictable work schedule (summer hours, woo!) I have time to implement an idea I've seen others use: a predictable streaming schedule.
Since I upgraded my operating system, I haven't tried the Livestream procaster--on my old OS the computer would freak out if I had the procaster open at the same time as photoshop so it rendered itself completely useless; I've been using join.me since then. I'd like to be able to use sound again, since it's easier than typing in the chat box, so I'm gonna try Livestream again a couple times.
What I'd like to do is stream continuously from about 5:30 to 9pm (Central time) Monday through Thursday, with the following tentative schedule.
5:30-6: warm-up sketches, possibly freebies or suggestions.
6-8:30: daily special.
8:30-9: spill-over time, cool-down sketches, packing up (the library closes at 9)
Daily specials (these might change with demand)
Monday: Iron artist/in-stream commissions
Tuesday: Iron artist/in-stream commissions
Wednesday: personal projects (this may include knitting)
Thursday: regular commissions/trades (this may include knitting)
A few rules/notes for streaming:
1) Who are you? Please introduce yourself when you come in! I like to get to know the people in my streams. I have so many people who pop in as "Viewer 2" and such and never name themselves or say a thing; I find this rude. Even if you just come in for a minute to see what I'm doing, say so!
2) Try to avoid drama. Be nice. Don't make mean fun of other people in the stream, even if it's a joke.
3) Rape jokes are not funny. I'm not easily offended, but others might be, so keep it quiet.
4) Get a room. I don't take kindly to people RPing yiff in my streams. It's okay to talk about juicy topics--I love TMI in general--but no RPing.
5) Don't ask for freebies unless my schedule calls for them, and ask only during the allotted period.

Iron Artist
I'm doing iron artist, 100 slots! Attempting to raise some money to visit :iconmurphyerasmus: later this summer. My aim is to get as good as I can, as quick as I can. Please note that all prices are in USD.
$10 will get you one character, speed-lined and flat-colored, doing WHATEVER you want. Estimated finish time: 45-60 minutes
$15 will get you two characters, speed-lined and flat-colored, doing WHATEVER you want. Estimated finish time: 1-1.5 hours
To request an Iron Artist slot, fill out my commission form and choose "Iron Artist slot" wherever it is an option.

Slots open: 100/100
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
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