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Shadilver story 1

It was raining one day and Shadow was walking through the rain getting wet, Silver spoted Shadow and waled over to him with his umbrella so he wouldn't get wet.
Shadow: thank you Silver.
Silver: no problem, I wouldn't want you to catch cold.
Shadow: well thats very thoughtful.
Silver: wanna come to my house Shadow?
Shadow: sure anything to get out of the rain.
So they walked to Silver's house and went inside.
Shadow: wow Silver your house is very neat.
Silver: aww thankies.
Shadow: your welcome.
Silver: hey Shadow?
Shadow: yes?
Silver: I have to tell you something, something i've wanted to tell you for a long time. (blushes)
Shadow: yes, what is it?
Silver: Shadow... I love you.
Shadow: (blushes) y-you do?
Silver: yes.
Shadow: i've wanted to tell you that I love you for a long time as well, i'm glad you feel the same way.
Silver then grabed Shadow and kissed him passionatly, Shadow's eyes grew huge at first, but then he filled with pleasure from the kiss.  The kiss broke and they stared into each others eyes with a dreamy look and continued to kiss.
Silver: um... Shadow?
Shadow: yes?
Silver: do you want me to walk you home?
Shadow: yes.
So Silver walked Shadow home and said to his lover that he would see him the next day.

                                                     THE END
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