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Today's been pretty wonky.  Had a little fight with mom over a misunderstanding that put me in a bad mood as I'm still pretty miffed about dad & Kristie's deal.  Fuck it, she paid for since I used a little bit of the money she gave me to run errands to buy a can of butane.  As for dad & Kristie, I got a plan...and I'll tell you...after I execute it. XD It's gonna be one hell of a surprise as it'll kill 2 birds with one stone by fucking up Kristie's pretty little 2008 Mustang GT and her racing career as well as bring dad's 46 year win streak with his custom built motors to a screeching halt.  Old man needs to learn some humility anyway.  Went to pick dad's overalls up at the dry cleaners and the mexican bitch there is so fuckin' stupid it was frustrating!  Glad Sara was working at the store today.  We had a little talk and she cheered me up.  Not too many bitches look sexy in those Albertson's uniforms but boy howdy, she can, especially in shorts <3

Ashleigh might be comin' out to hang but I ain't gonna get my hopes up.  Not being emo, just I know how she is.  Love her as a friend but could never fall in love with her...would still fuck her, though >;D

Fuckin' Terry tried throw me under the bus on a drug deal over a Dale Earnhardt pocket knife collection he traded for dope.  His brother, David, gave him that knife collection to his dad and his dad gave it to Terry.  And Terry told Dave that I went to their house to do the deal.  Bullshit, he came here with the knives.  So they were here wantin' the knives back.  No dice, boys.  Dad and I shut that down.  They can buy it back...with cash...and we want might charge 'em a little extra for their troubles...cocksuckers.

Finally finished that suncatcher...doesn't look bad...not perfect...but not bad...now gotta do one Dawn.  Should I be trippin' that I accidently strung the star beads upside down since they're five pointed?  Fuck it, I ain't redoin' it, it's already hung in the kitchen window, and all hell's gonna break loose sooner or later...
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