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Commission Info

Copied directly from FA, so please don't mind the fact that it links to non-adult things, too ;)

TRADES: Art trades Closed, item trades Open

Commission Prices & Shipping

All prices are for 8.5x11in traditional art pictures unless otherwise noted

- Basic sketch (NSFW EXAMPLE) (SFW EXAMPLE) : $10
-- Extra character (up to three): +$5

- Cleaned-up pencil drawing (NSFW EXAMPLE) (SFW EXAMPLE) : $30
-- Extra character (up to three): +$15

- B&W pinup (NSFW EXAMPLE) (SFW EXAMPLE) : $40
-- Extra character (up to three): +$20

- Color pinup (NSFW EXAMPLE) (SFW EXAMPLE) : $60
-- Extra character (up to three): +20

- Full-color collaborative pic (lines by me, colors by :linksabinamoonflower1984:) (NSFW EXAMPLE) : $80
-- Extra character (up to three): +$25
--- Shipping charges not applicable; Finished piece will be sent as a high-res email attachment.

- Full-page, full-color pic (NSFW EXAMPLE) (SFW EXAMPLE) : $100
-- Extra character (up to three): +$25

Shipping: $7

Shipping charges can be avoided by opting to have a high-res scan sent to your email.


Other Items & Shipping:

- Rinky Dinky (RD) Tags (EXAMPLE) : $7
--- Shipping: $3

- 3.5x5 Colored paper portraits (EXAMPLE) : $10
--- Shipping: $3

- Gift tag badges (EXAMPLE) : $15
--- Shipping: $3

- 2-View reference sheets (EXAMPLE) : $50
--- Shipping: N/A

- 11x14 Poster
-- Inks only: $75
-- Colored, no background: $100
-- Abstract background: $150
--- Shipping: $10

- 14x17 Poster
-- Inks only: $100
-- Colored, no background: $160
-- Abstract background: $180
--- Shipping: $10

- Adoptables: Priced as marked
--- Shipping: N/A



- Complex tattoos, markings, or other patterns
- Dozens and dozens of piercings, buckles, clasps, bracelets, or other overly-complex hardware
- "Extreme" subjects and fetishes such as gore/guro/snuff, diaper/cub, vomit/piss/scat, zoo, asphyxiation, vore, amputation, etc. If you're unsure about something not listed here, PLEASE ASK FIRST. Really, I don't bite :)
- Weapons
- Marine animals and reptiles (Due to lack of experience with them. This restriction will lift once I'm more comfortable drawing them)


Frequent Flier Miles: Repeat customers earn pleasant surprises! ;)



- Paypal ONLY, if you're paying cash, please. All payments should be sent to ladyfeline[at]gmail dot com
--- Please include enough to cover fees :)
- Large commissions ($80 or more) can be paid in installments.
- Payment is due, in full, before completed artworks will be posted.

- I also accept trades of merchandise for commissions. All I ask is that you cover at least 50% of the shipping cost of your artwork (if applicable.)


Copyright and Reposting:

- I retain copyrights to all artworks and original characters created by me. Purchasing a commission does not grant you permission to claim ownership of the copyright, or of any character that is not originally yours.

- Only the commissioner, and/or the person(s) receiving the commission, may repost commissioned artwork. End of story. This means that the person who paid for it can repost it, and if they openly commissioned it as a gift for someone else, then that person/those people may repost it, too - and ONLY those parties may do so.
-- Reposted commissions MUST BE clearly and properly credited. The credit should appear as follows:

"Artwork (c) to : iconwingedpantherproductions :/: linkwingedpantherproductions :


Artwork (c) to : iconfelinefurotica :/: linkfelinefurotica :
[Link to original posting here] "


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