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Thoughts about the anthros

I've been thinking a lot about animals, making research and stuffs, especially on sexual important stuff like the cock shapes, the number of those (because it IS true that snakes have two...). You maybe noticed if you read the Ongoing File that I'm trying to keep it the more realistic possible, because I think the spirit of furries isn't just saying: 'ok, that a human, put him a fur on: here's a furry', but more about the personification of the world we have today in different types of people. You may have noticed that most of the time, bears are strong and quite fat, and mice are small and discreet and these 'stereotypes' are a major part of my understanding of the furry world. I know every furry have a different opinion and a different way to see anthros and I'm just putting my opinion (FYI, if you have already understood, I always say furries to talk about the people of the fandom, and anthros to talk about the characters...) so I won't criticize anybody here. if you feel like you've been insulted, don't worry, it's not an insult.

So yeah, like I was saying, I've been making a lot of research on animals to extend my knowledge and my capacity in writing, may it be NSFW or not (I even read weird stuff like this: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/2009/12/22/kink... ) so I can get more realism and a better quality in my work, because I think furry art should be realistic, and even if the work of people that 'simplify' the anthros are enjoyable, I'll always prefer the work of people that make every detail become important (cf. Blotch for example).

I've also been thinking about the lifestyle of the characters because I think some furries tend to forget a few things: for example, I don't know if you've ever tried to completely dry a dog or a massive bird, because I can assure you it's not the simplest thing to do; and even if the anthros had these handy-dandy-super-drying towels, have you ever smelled a wet dog (even when he is dry)? If you haven't yet, please never try it because it's not the best thing you'll smell in your life. I'm not a furry hater or anything and I really enjoy the art and the community, but it is true that when you really think about it, this isn't the only problem.

If you know a tiny little bit about fur-wearing animals, you'll know that, when winter come, their fur gets bigger so they don't die because of the cold and all the fur fall down once it gets hotter. Obviously, furries won't get a fur change (I guess it was part of the mutation), but can you imagine having a fur AND wearing some clothes? Summer can be hot, even if you have short pants and sleeveless T-shirt so imagine if you have a fur that went with all that? Once again, I pointed some small details but I'm a really OCD perfectionist sometimes and when I write I usually am (not with the mistakes though ;P) and I always try to make it so it's the closest possible from reality, which is why things like Vardens' roommate is REALLY crawling, otters and rodents are about a meter high and kids were scared of Jugder when he was smaller.

 All these details are sometimes small things that could be erased so I would write faster (because I do have to imagine everything in my head before writing it, to see if it could be possible, in the furry way, obviously), but I prefer being longer to write but giving what I consider being something with a better quality (even though I don't compare myself to very famous furry writers who don't care about these details, I'm only talking about the work I would give). To give you another example, I have an excel file in which I wrote the name of every character (even the one you don't know yet), with the time tables of all the classes including time tables comparing the classes of a same course so I can make it more realistic. I passed half an hour on the creation and an hour to make it all clear, making all the time tables again and stuff. I also have a personal file for each character, a plot of the story and even a love plot. I'm working these days on a plan of the school (not very detailed though) in which you could be able to see the ring divided in the twenty different parts with the important stuff (the cafeteria, the amphitheater, the dorms... etc.).

All these days I pass between the moment I send each file is not only used to write (and do all the other stuff I do in my life), but it's also used to complete what I like to call the Fur the Discovery folder, in which I keep all the work I have already done, counting the thumbnails and all the rest. So the next time you're wondering what the hell I'm doing (if anybody is actually wondering this), remember that I'm also working on the background of everything, creating all the teachers (a helluva long thing to do: three teacher per class and a total of 8 classes, which makes 24 teachers to do, added to the characters themselves) who are, in my opinion, at least as important as the main characters.

But enough of myself. If you've read to there (because I know long texts can be a pain to read), I wanted to ask you about what you think of what I said. Do you prefer having things faster and less details or having a better background but things coming slower (except for the Ongoing File in which, even if it has a kind of plot, is not that detailled. It's just a bunch of sex all the time for me to practice the vocabulary of sex, mainly, but also of emotions, feelings and all these things you need to make a good porn story.)? What is your opinion about the stuff like drying the fur or clothes on furries? And, most important, if you think there was a transformation age (it's a historic scheme really used by people who makes furries live on earth), how did it happen? Would you like to see humans in the series? Bugs? Aliens? Plants? Other stuff I didn't mention? If you read to there, please take time to answer at least on of these questions. It's always good for me to have an opinion of the people reading my work.

Oh! And by the way, if you have any piece of information (sexual, obviously) about exotic animals like kangaroos, koalas and all these kinds of animals, it'd be nice to tell me. If I know enough on these characters, I could certainly add them to my long list of character I will you in different types of work I'm doing; on bugs too (if you want some): I've never actually wondered how it works for them, but of you want some and you've got some informations, I'll be happy to have them :D

Sorry for the humongous journal,
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