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Trying to decide if I should keep this idea a secret

I just thought of an awesome idea that I'm sure is a first in webcomics. Trouble is, should I jump at the opportunity to be the first to do it and keep it a secret, or write an article and POSSIBLY still get credit for the idea? It's something I'd love to see other cartoonists do, if they have talent in this particular area(many of us ARE multi-talented). In fact, now is a great time to start work on this. One issue with this is that people would then expect me to follow through with the idea and I have enough trouble focusing on my comic. I wouldn't want to put forth this great idea and not do it at all.

I'm no stranger to webcomic firsts, either, and I haven't gotten recognition for either of them(I still only have maybe 300 readers and am not making money from the comic), so actually being the first might not be that great.
The first first is drawing a 13-hour Friday the 13th comic(March 13, 2009). I've seen other 13-hour comics, but not on Friday the 13th.
The second first is having the first theme park based on a webcomic(announced April 1st, 2010). Sure, it's on Second Life, and it's temporarily offline due to the region being sold a couple weeks ago, but being an online-only comic, it's only appropriate that the theme park is online-only. I'm currently holding off rebuilding because it's way overdue for a redesign anyway, plus I need to find the perfect new location.

It's possible that I'd get more recognition for writing an article about my idea, but it's also such a simple idea that I could get no credit. It's one of those "Why didn't I think of that?!" ideas. It's also possible that somebody else HAS done this, and writing the article would bring that fact forward. I could get some fan input, too, but if fans do too much of the work, I wouldn't be able to make money off of it.

Ideas are a dime a dozen, so the idea itself isn't worth much. It's the actual work that matters. I could possibly be the first to do this work. Whether I'm the first or not, I still want to do this.

It's really a tough decision.
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