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Apparently, I'm was the Bad Guy Afterall

Remember Kristie?  The cunt I dated a few years ago who ripped me off for $800?  Well according to Dad tonight, she's back in graces with the family...except me.  He was beamin' proudly at how she's safety coordinator/vice president at the trucking outfit she works at and he thinks it's cool that she slept her way to her position and that she can't be fired and how him and Ray are gonna soup up the engine in her sports car.  Dad told me that her rippin' me was a life lesson learned, as if she was in the right and I had it comin'.  And how fucked I was, especially for getting even with her by ruining any hope of her getting her son back.

I never felt so betrayed.  Wonder how long he's really been hatin' on me like that...and why?  Is it because I'm a drug addict and now he has to share his dope with me?  Is it because now I'm slingin' dope and I picked up on it so fast to his shock chagrin that he feels his place in the business is threatened?  Or is he really eatin' up her lies so much that he's now lookin' upon me in a negative light because of how much she's demonized me in the past?

I'm really lookin' forward to leavin' again, I don't care if I wind up on the streets!  'Cause the only I'll ever wanna see him again is to get high!  Maybe I outta give him a reason to really hate me, like take his dope and take this business from him!  Why should I work for him when I can work for myself and show more dignity than he does since he thinks brown-nosing his connection and customers is the way to go!  I always wondered why so many people turned against him...and I think I'm startin' to see why.
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
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