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End of Spring Break(Stories being postponed)

Before you freak out. NO S UNDER D IS NOT BEING POSTPONED. I was trying to get Nevial University out this may but instead i am going to release it December as a full on Novel. instead I will be working on Trapped and Trained my newest series along with target acquired. S under D Academy is still under going some work but Party Flavors is coming along nicely and i had to rewrite the beginning of Exile again. Nev City is on hiatus(Like anybody cares) golden core is being worked on hope to have the next chapter out in two weeks(had to change up some things).

A few notes for my procedures now. Two more chapters and i will do another bonus content. YOU CAN CHOOSE TO HAVE YOUR CHARACTER IN IT JUST LEAVE A COMMENT OR PM.

Now for another rant.

What many people may not know about my writing style is that I suffer from the complete opposite of writers block. I have too many ideas. and I mean TOO MANY. The reason I write so many different series is to get those ideas out of my head. Nev city was moving too slow so i started S under D to get the yiff ideas out of my head. I started Golden core to get the War time ideas out of my head. I started the academy to get the school ideas out of my head. I started target acquired to get the sci-fi ideas out of my head. And now i started Trapped and trained to get another set of ideas out of my head. I have trouble when I reach a point in the story where my inital ideas run out and where my secondary ideas come together. by that time i have a new idea for something new that always gets in the way. But if i get that out of the way I can work on an older series easier. I find it hard to only work on one story at a time. It hurts my speed but gives me better quality.

Also my stories exsist on a spectrum. I basically choose where on that spectrum they fall. The normally fall between NEv city which is more action/drama based and S under D which is more Drama/yiff based.
I find a balance between Sci-fi anime aspects while trying to also apply romance/Sexual scenes to my stories. If had to place my stories on a line for this i would say Nev city is at the end on one side while S under D is on the other.

Well that concludes this little info. I think I am done talking for a while now time to focus on really getting some stories flowing. Think I can get two chapters of something out by tuesday so look forward to that. Since Nev city and Nevial university are gone for now I have more focus on S under D and my newer series. Look forward to all my work.

P.S. Bonus content will be Birthday Themed
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Added: 6 years, 9 months ago
6 years, 9 months ago
Wow I can feel your pain, I do have your problem. So much inspiration and ideas, so little time to bring them out. I've recently made a pledge to push on with a certain idea no matter what comes up. So far it seems to be working.

Hmmm also if your next bonus content involves S/D characters, would you please kindly consider putting Noah in there? I rather suck at writing yiff, but that character is actually a beast in bed. *insert standard cat rawr here*
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