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So... Commissions. Open for 30$


I will be doing **SIMPLE CG** images for 30$ USD for **SINGLE CHARACTER, NO PORN, SIMPLE BACKGROUND (color/gradient/simple pattern).** I'll need like... 200 commissions to help pay off one year of college tuition. I only really care about college tuition since I can sucker my parents into paying for an apartment I'll be staying in with my friend.

I really need the money to help pay for my college tuition. Otherwise, I'm fucked out the wazoo. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys could help spread the word for me. I can only reach so many people. :C


I will be doing them in batches of 5 to help even out the work load.

Paid Commissions:

Unpaid Commissions:


Finished Commissions:


Please, please, you guys. I really need help on this. I've got several applications put in for other scholarships and I've got a job interview to go to on Friday. I don't know how much the job will help since the job would only last 2-4 hours out of the day since I would, more than likely, be helping with summer camp for the little kids. Ages 5-12.

I've even postponed a lot of shit. Like getting a cat. I thought I was going to be keeping my scholarship and be able to have a cat next semester. Well... Nope. I've also put off on going to my grandparents' house for two weeks this summer and that's something I REALLY looked forward to doing. As well as going to the beach with my family for a week. I can't do any of that since I have to get a job. :C Not too fond of it since I was really looking forward to it because I really needed the vacation after the semester of BS I've had to deal with.

Such is life, I guess. You win some, you lose some. BUT YOU STILL TRY TO BEAT IT WITH A FUCKING HAMMER.

Don't mind me. My moods are out of whack because of leftover stress that will, hopefully, go away soon.
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