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wow..... what the hell is this about

wow..... I had the strangest dream.... well...... not strangEST, but... its up there......

anyway.... it was..... like...... me and my family..... we flipped a trashcan to use as a table.... I think we were using lawn chairs to sit..... we ate pizza and other stuff...... I picked up a slice and almost ate it, but didn't eat it when I saw it.... it had a human skeleton curled in fetal position along with a large and thin jar on it.... in it.......... so... that was kinda weird..... I forget who ate it, but someone did......... then, a little bit later, a bear came walking up the street... my mom walked as calmly as she could to the front door.... I hid behind the trash can table, my dad and brother sat as if the bear was not even there..... it wandered into the neighbors yard, the one  surrounded by shrubs, then it came back out and wandered past me and my dad and little brother.... then my mom grunted in exclemation of frustration, trying to open the door that's locked..... that seems to piss off the bear... my little brother, to rescue her, grabbed his bike of the front yard, growled at the bear, then peddled down the street.... the bear followed him as he bikes along..... Though, the bear seems to be catching up and he isnt the strongest biker, so I grab my bike and yell at the bear as I pass my little bro going the oposite direction, and the bear turns around and follows me..... so, now I am biking down the street, panicking...... the bear is catching up, but I try to go faster.... I woke up just as I reached a quiet intersection.....
after I woke up and a little more thaught,..... I think I was leading the bear to a busy road so that a car would hit it or something and distract the bear long enough for me to make my escape, if not kill it.

....still.... what does... any of this.... mean?
do any of you guys know?
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
Well, usually dreams means nothing... they could be the product of your subconcious or distorted, rearranged memories.
The thing your family is used a trash bin to eat on could mean you have something you would like to hide from them (a disguisting thing maybe - at least it disgust you), or that you aren't satisfied with your current life and want to change.
Pizza is nearly meaningless, maybe you like to eat. But could mean it it appeared as fastfood, what's the symbole of casual, boring and everyday life.
Skeletons usually means good luck. In your case could mean something you want to hide. In the first case you should missed a chance (because you don't ate it); in the second case it means you fed up with the hiding.
Bear is a ferocious animal, maybe a symbol of the comming of a really big problem. Wandering around means it's still dormant, but you're aware of it. Taking away the bear from your family means you want to solve the trouble by yourself alone.
If this dream is an envoy of your subconcious, please take in mind that you still has not got the mind or power to solve it, as you wake up from it suddenly.
Anyway, dreams usually don't mean anything. Maybe you just eat a bit too much before bedtime. And don't worry, I had way weirder things in my life.
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