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Always a loser.

I'm sorry about that and my behavior.

You have to expect that I am mentally challenged and doesn't like to be always insulted all the time. Just because all of the words I speak is hurtful. What I do is hurtful, what I draw is hurtful and what I don't do is hurtful. I'm influenced, no, JEALOUS by other artist on how good they were with everything: friends, art, everything. All I get is none.

Others words: I'm always gonna be a loser. I'm so sorry if that drama pissed you off. I'm gonna reactivate my dA account but I will be sore loser.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
6 years, 11 months ago
It's OK, you have your own opinions, you as a person are entitled to them, you are not a robot, and I doubt you are mentally challenged.

If it was my counter comment on ARRRGH!!!!!!! that made you feel as such, I apologize. It's just that being Taoist puts me in the mindset to try and see all sides to a conflict. My comment was not meant to debase you or insult you in any way.

As for you art, you are a very good artist, I watch you because I like your art, it's bright, colorful, and full of life (I really liked the G Gundam tribute in With the Power of Love.) I reply to some of your journals when they they strike my attention, your replies are passionate and you place your heart into them.

You are willing to admit your mistakes, which is more than a lot of the sad, sorry lot called humanity can say.

Now rage-quitting your dA account was a bit childish but I chalk that up to fan rage and spur of the moment more than anything, even a calm (as I try to be) Taoist sometimes losses his cool.

In short YOU ARE NOT A LOSER!!!! (sorry about the Royal Canerlot Voice)

You are a person, a person, like everyone else, who is not perfect.

Now *Gives feel better cheer up hug* pull yourself out of this little slump, or do I have to pull you out myself?
6 years, 11 months ago
everyone got they how personality , and your are okay .
i can easly find asshole people in the internet :p and you not
6 years, 11 months ago
Well, I for one don't think of you as a loser.  You do great art and come up with some really good ideas like with the MLP/Gundam AGE one I responded to, but I wasn't aiming to show I was better with ideas, I shared it to help evolve yours, just saying though. It's always is best to take in the positive and try your best to ignore the negatives with the exception of criticism.

Every artist and even writer has moments where they admire and as you stated are even jealous of the other's works. The way I personally see this as a chance to learn and improve my own skill to reach their level... considering i still have a good ways to go but anyways, back on topic lol.

And as far as friends, from what I see you do have at least three if not more that are standing up for you right now trying to help out. Things will be OK as time will tell it to be so. So yeah, you're not going to be a loser... but it isn't always good to be a Winner either lol (See the series Karin for the joke reference)

One more thing and is good advice. If someone tries to shoot down your comments just be calm and if you can, ignore it. Lots of times and I've seen it with others, there are people that lurk about in everything like a virus just to see how many buttons they can push to get someone they don't know into trouble.

Keep up the good art and good work. ^^
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