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Weekly Update (2019/11/04)


Hey everybody!

Bit of a long post this time, so here we go!

First thing is first, commissions are closed completely. I know I’d said they were closed back in July, but some stuff came up and I needed some quick cash so I took a few more. However, if I’m ever going to clear this backlog, I need the number of commissions to be finite. Or at least dramatically reduced from what it is now. So as of right now my commission form is turned off and I’ve changed my signs to closed on the various sites I’m on.

So if you’re not on my spreadsheet right now or owed Patreon benefits, that’s it for the moment!

Don’t worry, I’ll make a big hullabaloo about when I’m about to open up again! You’ll see it here on my journals and stuff.

So, the plan currently is that I’m going to lay into commissions and get all of them done. I’m aiming to have everything done by January 1st, so I want to have the entire queue cleared out by then. That means for November and December, I’m going to be completely busy with commissions. I don’t want to drop things like that, but these need to get done if I’m ever going to get out of this hole that I’ve been stuck in for the last year and a half.

Next, I want to have all Patreon obligations fulfilled by Feburary 14th, that way things are clear for the next month or so while I work on Various Happenings.

Now I’ve spoke about this at length in my Discord server (which is currently invite only, so if you’re interested, drop me a note), but I’m going to be making some changes to the presentation of Various Happenings with the next chapter. It’s been a fun project, but I’ve been run down for a long time and somewhat burnt out in general, and with the fifth anniversary of VH coming up, I’ve realized that in its current incarnation, I will literally die before I can ever get anywhere in the story.

So, I’m going to be transitioning the comic into a sort of illuminated manuscript, that is to say, an illustrated story. I’ll still have the visuals and big set pieces and you’ll get to see pictures of Cass and Eddie and everyone else involved, but I’m hoping that with the inclusion of text taking up the much slower beats of the story, we’ll be able to move things along quicker and in general just include more and be able to dole out more information about the world a lot easier. I do like the decompressed style for comics, but with one person working on the art by themselves, plus, having to do a lot more projects and in general just being really busy, it is just kind of infeasible for me at this point in time.

So, I’m going to try to finish Chapter 5 in whatever way I can after January 1st and on March 14th, the comic’s fifth anniversary, I hope to launch Chapter 6 in the new format. I know it will be different and some of you might not care for it, but I’m hoping that you’ll humor me, stick around and that you’ll come to enjoy the new format and some of the surprises I have in store along the way.

Hush is something I really haven’t talked about outside of the discord much, so I’ll be brief on that. I’ve basically decided that it takes far too much energy to keep up with a sort of quest-style project and still maintain the level of art quality that I want. This is, of course, why these things tend to be very sketch oriented and simple in their style. But I still want to do something interesting so I’ve decided to go back to something I’d been planning on doing and make a game. I’ve got a lot of choices that I’m working on. I’m currently leaning towards Ren’Py, but I’m also messing with AGS and RPG Maker currently to try and figure out the best way forward. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll provide more information as I have it!

So yeah, a lot going on as of late, and I’m getting ready to hit the ground running this month! It’s going to be pretty intense, but I’ll get through it!

Onto the lists! Here’s the short list.

#404 (Hunter) - In Progress (Lineart)
#407 (Iron)
- In Progress (Lineart)
#419 (DocCarrot) - In Progress (Lineart)
#420 & 448 (RazorBreeze) - In Progress (Preliminary Sketching)
#428 (Foxy Dean) - In Progress (Preliminary Sketching)
#429 (Radec) - In Progress (Lineart)
Patreon Reward (Norithics) - Not Started
Patreon Reward (Kithpine) - Not Started

The FULL list is, of course, on the Schedule Page.

As I said,Various Happenings is probably going to be on irregular updates for a bit, at least until after the first of the year when I'm able to work towards the end of Chapter 5.  There might be enough time to do single updates from there onward or I might just push out double updates if I'm lagging behind and I don't have anything else to do!  I hope I can manage it but I've got a plan, so we'll see how it works out!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this last few days and I'm 100% down for this if this is how winter is here.  Like, I miss the snow from up north but I also don't mind it not being wet and cold but not quite cold enough to freeze.  The breezy days have been lovely!

I hope you're enjoying your autumns, too!  Have a good one and see you next week!



A Special Thanks goes out to this month's Super Fox, Curious Garchomp, for their support!  If you want to help us stay fed and invest towards some cool projects in the future like more Various Happenings, consider checking us out over on Patreon.  We really couldn't do it without fans and supporters like you.


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