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Enter the Assassin

Prepare for a story I'm nearing the finish of, its only a short story of course but this is a little different from some of the works that I've done before.  Here is a sneak peek of something both new and special:

Shadow Sword

The swiftly moving blade was dark as midnight without a moon.  The wielder was a shadow herself.  Her fur was pristine and clean.  No matter how clean it was both it and her clothing were of the same midnight shade as her dark blade.  The ebony blade bit swiftly into the back of the patrolling guard.  Not a sound escaped the his lips as her other hand brought the second black blade up, around and over the guards throat ending any chance of him calling for help.  The lithe panther twitched her ears and listened to the silence as she pulled the red furred fox into the shadows after sheathing the dagger her sword still positioned deeply into the guard she now laid face first behind the boxes she had been using for cover.  She placed her foot firmly against his back and jerked her blade free of his corpse.  Beside his body laid those of the other three sentries.  Each had been killed in nearly the identical fashion.  The lethally sharp dagger had swiftly sliced through their throats.  The deadly blade of the sword had entered through their backs and sliced through the center of their hearts.  The Panther held her shaking breath as she cleaned the blade on the tunic of her latest victim.  She sheathed the sword from below, the handle locking in place even with her waist as the dark blade slid upward into the scarab.  Her ears listened to the darkness as her startling scarlet eyes closed and those dainty ears twitched to the sounds of possible movement.  The blade increased her senses as she ran her fingers along the handle.  Each sound was magnified by the blood lust it produced in her.  The magnified sounds told her this had been the last guard walking the yard.  This left only the guard standing in the darkened doorway.
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
Looks good so far! Looking forward to reading more.
7 years ago
I prefer to read it all at once, but the tittle is pretty good~!
7 years ago
alright the full story is now up and it has a few turns and surprises that may surprise or even shock you, I really have no idea.
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