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So you don't like my Headcanon?

Because my submission is been rejected twice and by two groups means that I can be fine with that. Nope. There is a problem.

First, let's look at this picture

Then let's pinpoint on what's wrong with it and my mind. First of all, when I originally submit it, there is a subtitle, which she curses Queen Chrysalis as she attacks. Second is the use of blood and stupidly speaking, she's bleeding. Third is how much this picture is rejected in group. So far its two.

Just because Queen Chrysalis is ok doesn't I like her. I usually don't go to the main canon of the series and redo it in a more darker nature. I draw Cadance like that because she hates her guts, wants to kill Queen Chrysalis and kill each Changeling she can find. Because....

Queen Chrysalis IS A GODDAMN DEVIL

I know the animators and writers won't agree or accept this, but  I never feel so much anger on a certain MLP villain before since she reminds me of Desil Gallete of Gundam AGE, being a ruthless killer or those villains in some dark and more evil anime that I only heard on. She's the only villain I portray on my mind to be Genocidic Ax Crazy Complete Monster Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who wants to see Equestria burn to the ground. I hate how she treated the Real Cadance like a poor helpless kitten.

That is my HEADCANON on her and please respect it.

Bottom line: I hate Queen Chrysalis. WITH A PASSION
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Added: 6 years, 10 months ago
6 years, 10 months ago
People should learn to respect everyone's headcanon. I for one enjoy Chrysalis.

I'm sorry your submission has been rejected though. :(
6 years, 10 months ago
It took me a moment to know what the term Headcanon was, but i did do research on the word before posting.

By chance it wasn't accepted because of my comment I made was it? I really did think it could be a good idea to try for though... ._.'

But yeah, I do agree with Ember. It is an original idea yes but for it to be completely rejected makes one wonder if there are particular biased fans involved. Me personally I like both good and evil chars and all mentioned just for that one pic, but it's just my opinion and also from an outsider's perspective too.
6 years, 10 months ago
you should see the vectors on dA

there's well over 100 of her already, you can only draw her so many times before it gets boring
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