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Loosing my mind some more

Though that shouldn't really come as any surprise to some people. ^^;  But lately there's been more happening at work that ended up throwing me for a loop again.  Later last week they tried calling me in a few hours early.  Which wasn't all that out there because I figured either someone just called off or just didn't show up or something like that.  Well I ignored the call either way because I don't do anything extra for them anymore.  So the next day I'm about to punch in and one of the people there starts talking to me about something and he's all afraid he'll get in trouble for saying something.  Well turns out one of the idiots I've been having to deal with over in the market department had been fired.  And from what I've been told it's for sexual harassment.

So now here comes the thing that's been messing with me.  I had my yearly review this past Sunday and it went well as expected, but she also told me about the guy being fired.  Well what it did was open up a position again over in the market area.  It's the same position I was offered this past summer before they actually opened the area up.  It's not really much of a jump from where I'm at now.  As far as I know it'll just be a minor pay raise and I'll have to worry about doing a little more in the department.

Now here's where the problem comes in.  Again the main issue is the fact that they can't alter anything for me or bend the rules and I would have to come in at 6am a few times a week to do it.  The main issue with that is of course is that I would either have to cut really short or skip my talk time with Kep on those days.  Since the only time we can call is after 11pm here.  Along with a lot of times when I have to wake up that early I just don't tend to sleep all that well.  

But here's what it all comes down to that's driving me crazy.  Like I said the main problem is the fact that I'd loose talk time with Kep and I don't want us having issues at some point because of all of that.  At the same time if it ended up being enough of a raise it may be worth it and it would help us out as far as moving in together.  Though at the same time if I did take this whole thing I'm just at the point anymore where I'd just want to get him moved here within a few months time.  Though of course I'd have to find a cheap enough place to live and that'll allow us to keep our two dogs, a husky and a sheltie.  If we were able to get a few extra thousand bucks or so it may be enough for us to be able to make that little jump and at least not have to worry about the distance thing anymore.  Though at the same time I just can't stand this job anymore and honestly every day I'm there I am reminded why I just need to quit and why I can't stand it there.  Which if I did end up just quitting the place I would just apply for unemployment and fight them for that if it came to it.  At the same time Petco is just basically a lost cause anymore.  They still keep trying to tell me to just wait and all that crap, but it's ween well over six months now.  At the same time though no I can't really afford to go to school for anything.  In part because I know I'd probably have to be lucky either way when I got out of it to actually be able to get a job in my field.  But it's also the issue of not having the time to do that sort of thing or even the money really.

So like I said I'm stuck in this little predicament and it's driving me crazy on trying to figure out what to do.  The only other thing they really told me is that I have a week to make up my mind and essentially fill out something for the position, which by the way she said it it's not a guaranteed thing anyways because other people can apply for it.  

The is one random thing though that I thought of that may work and be a way around the whole thing.  If I would get enough of a pay raise, which with me would be at least two bucks honestly, I could take the position and if I got it keep it for about two months or so.  At which point I could tell them I have to back out of the position and lie saying my relationship is beginning to suffer with having to go in so early so I can't do it anymore.  Because I found out a while ago now that one of the guys still in the department had this position and had to step down from it as well, but because he wasn't a lead or a key holder or anything like that Target apparently can not knock their pay back down.  So they would stay at that little bump they got for the promotion even if they arn't at it anymore.  So if I did that then they would bump me down to a regular "team member" again and I would keep that little pay raise.  The main problem though is that I don't know if it would actually work or if I would get any crap in return from it.  Like them giving me really stupid shifts or barely giving me anything at all.

But yeah this is what I've been trying to figure out lately and I still really don't know what to do.  Either way, even with my little plan, I'm figuring on not taking the promotion.  Because in the end it won't be worth it either way.
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