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Online Relationships

When it comes to the real world, my mate Towi and I do not live together.  I live in Madisonville, Kentucky, and he lives in Gomez Palacio, Mexico.  That's quite a gap between us, and sometimes the reality of it sets in and works on our feelings.  We're not in the same country, but we are better off than some seeing that we're technically within the same landmass, and the distance between us would be the same if he was living in California; which isn't so bad since some furs have mates that live halfway around the world.  But I am not here to discuss things between me and him, but here to talk about online relationships in general.

Online relationships happen quite often within the Fur Fandom.  In fact it is estimated that over half of the fandom's population have relationships via the internet.  This has contributed to rumors about furs being lonely computer nerds living in basements since the concept of an online relationship is somewhat strange to people outside the fandom, and the grounds of an online relationship vary so much within the fandom itself that it even confuses the hell out of us at times.  One couple can see it one way, while another couple can see it within a entirely different manner.

When it comes to an online relationship, I have heard two different sides of the topic when it comes to validity.  Some people I have spoken to say that even though it is online, a relationship via the internet is very real and valid.  If either person does anything with someone outside of the online relationship, then it could be considered as cheating.  However when it comes to the other side, their view is very different.  In their opinion, online relationships are not valid; and are more of an idea of a relationship than an actual one.  Their opinion stems from the belief that being physically there for someone and aid them with their needs makes a relationship true.  If the two people within an online relationship are not within the same area and meeting up is extremely hard to do, then those who say that the online relationship isn't valid believe that both people within the couple have the right to sow their wild oats with other people since neither of them are physically there to slate the urge with each other.

When it comes to these two different views, I will not say what side I am for since this journal is mainly for seeing the opinions of others than to state my own.  So when it comes to an online relationship what do you think- valid or not?  
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7 years, 1 month ago
INB4 forever alone
7 years, 1 month ago
I think it varies between relationships.  I've come across a lot of online relationships where you can't really even tell if it's an actual relationship.  They say they're "mates" and that's about as far as it goes.  I've even seen some that have a real relationship off of the internet and then they essentially have a fake one online as well for whatever reason.  Though at the same time those that actually do have an online relationship don't always have the strength actually have one and continue it.  Because I know with a lot of people there's usually a lot of temptation, on and off the internet.  Especially when it comes to offline because they could always find someone closer and end up dumping the online person just for that sake and in the end being selfish like that just ends up ruining everything anyways.
7 years, 1 month ago
I agree with Naki.  It varies on the people involved in the relationship.  However, after the experience I had with the three I had, I'm quite through with online relationships.  I view OL relationships as legit, even though the two people are far apart.  If you knew my friends Keon and Princess Mei, you know online relationships can work when there's a common understanding.

Me, I'm just not in the mood for any new mates.  It was interesting to say the least, but also heart wrenching.
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