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Well, that's disappointing...

The bulk upload feature looked so handy. I spent the last hour or two blitting my stories into rich text format... only to find that none of these 96 stories(well, there's one with 12 chapters, one with 28, and one with 30, so it's not nearly so many distinct stories, but still) actually had their text put in from the RTF.

Looks like migrating my content here is going to take a long time after all. Mutter.

Addendum: Oh, it gets better. RTF files don't automatically fill in the text at all, not even when uploaded singly.

And there's not a rich text editor.

I foresee massive headaches in my future.

Considering that the oh-so-vastly-superior story interface was one of the things frequently touted on FA, this has me feeling more than a little miffed.
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Added: 8 years, 1 month ago
8 years, 1 month ago
Be patient!
The 'fill in the story' thing seems to be down.
Give 'em a couple of days to recover from the hardware issue so they can poke at it!
8 years, 1 month ago
The superior story interface is something I've been hearing about for months. The reality, on the author's end, is less encouraging.

And the fill-in does work... after a fashion... with DOC files. (No formatting.)
8 years, 1 month ago
I hadn't run across that issue as I tend to simply use .txt, out of long habit.
Once it 'auto-fills' I just go in and tweak it a touch using the site's BBC code to add thumbnails and such for in story images.

If it gets down to brass tacks, and Green Reaper can't assist with a better solution, may I recommend http://cleantext.org/?
Free online 'cleaner-upper'.
Copy the text from the RTF file, paste it into a window and hit 'go'.
It outputs text suitable for easy saving into a format, with line breaks intact, so that you can simply paste it into the submission field for on site display.
The reader will still have the option of downloading the file in it's original uploaded formatting if wanted.

8 years, 1 month ago
Eh. What I might just do is mass-upload the RTFs, and go in using a handy OpenOffice plugin that spits out BBCode. It'll be a bit laborious, but I suppose not THAT much more than editing the tags, descriptions, and titles already would be.

I like my formatting; I try not to overuse it, but especially for longer pieces, it helps to set off text that would otherwise be easy to miss as being somehow distinct. From telepathic communication to text messages - it's not exactly dialog, so I'm hesitant to just use flat quotes, but I want it set off somehow.
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