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more on Oddity

first a bit of history about her name. Oddity got her name not because she has a magical talent dispite being an earth pony. Or even that she is the only earth pony in a family of Unicorns. It's not even because she's a mute in a family of vocalists. She was named oddity because when she was born, she was crying, but there wasn't a sound coming from her. It was so odd, her mother thought it'd be cute to name her Oddity because of it.

Now for the fun bit. Oddity has a pet... it's just a very very strange pet, I'm still working on the design to make it fit into the MLP universe.

Oddity's pet is named Crash (because when it's scared it tends to flee and ends up crashing into everything along the way) but it won't answer to that name because Oddity can't speak, instead it listens for a complicated course of whistled commands.

What is her pet... well, It's a very small Beholder. About the size of the average fillies head. It only has 4 eyes total, One large one like all beholders, and three more movable small eyes. All are red in color. it's body however is a light brown stone that looks as if it has some mossy patches on it. The story on how it became her pet is short but cute and I'm going to save it till I can't hold it anymore or i draw it... which ever happens first (i'd like the latter but with me you knever know)
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