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Fame of Mine: Personal Preferences

When I Watch someone, generally they tank me. And when they do, I end up looking at my Favorites.

And then I kind of get worried, because without some kind of reference frame, I look like I favorite some really odd things. And because of the absurdity factory of some of the pictures next to others, I feel that maybe I should kind of state my parameters for a piece to get put in my favorites.

When it comes to types of creatures, I'm pretty open. Toony and realistic are both good, but it boils down to quality in that aspect. But I'm talking about what animals I'm more likely to favorite here. Usually if a creature is otter, rat, citra, or rabbit, I tend to be drawn to it. There are exceptions but that's based more on the character or even the body-type than the creature-type.

Body-type is hard to describe because there's a slight conflict. The conflict is SD(Super Deformed)/Chibi vs. Proportionate. SD is already out of proportion, however, SD characters generally don't have tits or dicks the size of small European countries. SD more implies a cute overall deformity. Proportionate is more in line with the average visual appeal. For example a subject has a index finger longer than his middle finger. When this happens, I find myself just staring at the finger, asking "WHY?" This in turn disturbs my appreciation for the work as a whole and tends to turn me off. But sometimes a glaring proportion or deformity issue can slip past me. One gift picture I have called Comission for Rally (with a Citra-Sakkano) is of high quality, is a gift, and is done by an artist I am VERY fond of. However, one character seems to be missing a leg. This wasn't detected until we has the work professionally matted and then framed. But going back to shap, actually, I prefer with small cubish subjects or I prefer individuals with rounded tummies and a decent amount of mass.

The last example brings up artists and quality as perimeters. For example, I find myself drawn to art produced by
because he's amazingly talented with proportions and shading. I really enjoy
because of the eyes.

Gift art is something that I am always happy with. Even if the talent of the artist is still in bloom, the thought that someone would draw something for me, or at my request. Really, I can't draw worth shit, so when someone draws for me, it means a lot.

Gender shouldn't be here, but I noticed it happens. I just seem to appreciate male visual pieces. Gender matters little in literary work, but more often than not, there's a problem with artists being able to portray the feminine proportions correctly and so we cross proportions with gender.

Category is even more difficult to explain I'm more afraid it really applies to one type of art that I dislike because of an eye problem. SONIC. A good majority of Sonic themed art causes me to wonder, "what exactly do the eye sockets of a Mobian hedgehog look like?" If you think about it, Sonic is really a cyclopean hedgehog with two pupils in one eye, shaped like two adjacent piles of snow. Rather than enjoying the work for what it is, I find myself wondering about the science of the structure. "How is Sonic's ocular nerves attached to his brain?" or "The furrow that is sometimes between the eyes, is it retractable?" But perhaps this is a matter of SOnic SD and sonic proportionate, where the SD part is cyclopean? And herein lies the problem. I pick it apart to the point that I'm no longer looking at the art, but at the biology needed to continue the life of the creature (in most cases Sonic). If art causes me to think this way, then I really don't appreciate it the way it was meant to be. On the flip-side, the toonish styles attributed to Tex Avery and Walt Disney are pretty nice.

Paraphernalia can be go or bad, depending on what it is and how it's incorporated. And again it's a funny thing with me. I'm easily turned off when drugs and drug use are featured in a piece, but I am not turned off when cigar smoking is featured. I dislike post-digested food (IE shit), but I like pre-digested food (food being used to cause stimulation). I REALLY enjoy leather, and bondage, but tend to stay away from sadomasochism. And the I seem to be drawn to pieces with clothing, especially ties.

Character is also sometimes a draw. I find that I enjoy nearly every piece that features
. This might be because he's either in some various form of undress, is round, has paraphernalia that interests me, or presents himself as a dominate character.

Childhood icons. I enjoy my childhood corrupted.A good quality childhood corruption piece is always bound to interest me.

Emotion. Often there are some really high quality pictures, with subjects that catch my attention, but sadly without emotion, often times I skip favoriting. A really good piece of visual art needs to have emotion. So you know that dragon studding his 16 inch cock into a tight husky? If that dragon isn't looking like he's trying, and that husky isn't crying in pain, the piece needs more work. Sexual tension will ALWAYS perk my interest.

. Interestingly enough, sexual content doesn't always turn me on. Often times I like cuteness or insinuated sex. Maybe even light perversion. Cultural iconography (think Japanese emotions in comics) also works well and displays character emotion.

So while I am a pervert in some aspects, I am a discerning pervert.

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