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Story series idea brainstorming - Tropical Blues

So I'm pondering writing a story series, and making an RPG... here's the initial brainstorming session

Dieselpunk RPG brainstorming...  needs a name, maybe Tropical Blues

world idea is sort of a 1950's/60's cold war with 1930's schizo tech.  Radio and telegraph are the main communication.  Most planes are fixed wing.  Trains and planes and boats are more common long distance travel.  Though cars are starting to become popular.  But some super tech is common.  Rockets and zeppelins and the occasional weird thing like land/sea/air fortresses.  Jets are being experimented with.  Walking vehicles exist.  And the occasional crazy thing like heat/lightning guns pop up here and there, along with more mundane tech, like televisions and helicopters (although those aren't commercialized yet) with an art deco feel often, where the science and progress of our 20's continued unabated.

in this world there are a few major world powers.  Currently I'm pondering a european themed major power who are probably majority canine, probably with a lot of splinter groups, as well as an asian (rabbits?) and american styled one (mix of it all? =D).  I'll likely try to add a lot more nations to make it feel more whole though, it's hard to make an entire world =P

The setting itself is on a large archipelago, currently occupied and colonized by the european equivalent.  Native traditions and language have been stymied, but still exist as they forced the sea otter like natives to conform.  Based on a mix of carribean and phillipenes history probably.  I'll likely have to do some, gasp, research for this =D  Totally need a name too >.<

But after a few hundred years, things have not been going so well.  Corruption and apathy have caused seeds of rebellion to form.  Meanwhile, the two other superpowers jockey for position in the resource heavy islands, aiding or fighting against the multitude of small rebellion groups.  All three are edging towards war over a variety of things, and the cold war often flares up in the skies or seas of the islands.  As well as skirmishes against pirates and organized crime rings of all three powers, though the native ones have the furthest pull, having had hundreds of years of occupation to settle in their power base.

So I'm aiming for basically islands of adventure, where on one beach tourists wallow in the picturesque sands and sip overpriced drinks, and a half mile away indentured servants slave in sugar plantations to earn their barely livable wage in the company housing.  And another mile in the other direction pirates smuggle in guns and other blacklisted items.  The feel and mood can swing wildly between islands and cities, and the stupidly rich live in towering skyscrapers, while outside the main city shanty towns lean and shamble about along the roads.

Story wise, probably going for short stories of a variety of types.  It's a rather noir, punkish world.  Going for the dieselpunk tropes of taking cyberpunk feel and moving it into the past.  Indeed, the megacorp got it's start from United Fruit Company in real life.  Very often grey and grey morality, few groups are totally in the right, and those that are fighting for truth, justice, and ideals often end with an overdose of .45 rounds in their gut.

Game wise, lots of small groups skirmishing.  Smuggler or small mercenary groups doing shadowrun type things might be a common theme.  Or of course, being agents from one of the main forces, or rebels trying to improve their nation... or just their island and own needs.  

Just some basics to show what I'm up to, biggest one right now is get down names.  So many names.  Biggest are the three superpowers, the nation itself, and maybe a main island and capital.  And of course, the peskyness of furryness, how are races setup, are they national, or more random.  And what's common/uncommon.  =P
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