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New Pony Character (not ponysona but just as important)

I've been tinkering around with an idea since I was playing CoC the other day... it's gone from being a goo pony to being a little mad scientist type Artificer.

basically in the MLP universe, unicorns have magic, Pegasus have wings, and earth ponies have tech. So what happens when a Earth Pony has a knack for enchantment style magic?

enter Oddity. Proprietor and supplier of "Odds 'n Ends", a store devoted to strange potions, unusual objects, and Nick Knacks... all of which have a some kind of effect, enchantment, or magical property. Some items are found, others dropped off or sold to her, but most are ones she made herself typically in a moment of what she calls genius but other ponies call madness.

As she has no horn most her magic is done by runic circles, powders, and what not. But her real talent is that she can do enchanting spells much the same way a unicorn can, only the magic flows through her front hooves and into whatever she's touching.

As for her color, haven't decided yet. However she's the opposite of Sidhe, while Sidhe is loud, Oddity is a mute. Oddity is also very active, many a pony have wondered if she ever even sleeps.

Her Cutie Mark... well I'm torn between a Magic Circle or a Smoking Potion with a Rune on it.

Any Opinions would help.
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Added: 6 years, 11 months ago
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