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laws r just fine, and marijuana laws in the correct place

I posted this on fa, but i guess some people are too scared of these subjects.

i have gotten that from some people. the laws are working just fine, as people continue using marijuana anyways. fact of the matter is, more then half the prison population is there for simple drug possession. many whom have only murdered once, are on the streets. you can go to rehab, and beg with a judge, if you killed three at a time drinking.
"yeah so go get cleaned, ohh well, you drunken drove killed three."
like a slap on the wrist. you killed three people, but no problem, go n get cleaned up.
here in Pennsylvania, they send you to special aggressive driving school. it is intended to train you how to DUI and get away with it. pretty much, being able to drive drunk.
sexual conduct.
even if the ages are 15 and 18, the 18-year-old could get into trouble for having sex with the 15-year-old. but if the 15-year-old was ten, then no one seems to care, only because the 18 year old mentioned is only 13. and what if, they've been together that long. the worse case scenario, they stay together forever.
same state PA
an adult 26 lets say, and they do something sexual with an 8-year-old-girl.
the punishment is usually 20 to 30 years.
boy? everything changes. it's suddenly different if the person has abused a boy.
it's almost like, PA law says. if you are going to sexually abuse a child, better make that child a boy. most times, it's no more then 5 years.
i believe is like 20 years.
yeah, makes perfect sense... NOT.
for personal reasons, i would rather break the marijuana laws.
the laws don't even send a good message,, so for a person to say they are working... or in the correct place. just sounds stupid to me.
and people have said that to me, with a straight face.
plead, and promise to go to counseling, i have heard of people getting less then a year, because of such things.
5 years i believe it is for pot, but goes up faster in counts, then child abuse.
can still be 20... depending on some things.
i have also heard of people not in jail real long, for abusing 2 boys, over a period of like 5 years. he's even already out, or out by 2015.

Penn State? how much you wanna bet, he aint gonna serve much time.
the only complaint i have is about Pot.
let me smoke, what harm am I doing to anyone? really?
is it such a priority to jail me, that Pedophiles should be free?
sure it's in my insides, but i chose not to abuse. i chose it, not because the law says so, but because I just chose not to do it. i chose not to abuse, because it wasn't comfortable what happened to me.

sorry other fur's, i went a little overboard i think.

Yes Please... Place Me In Jail... I Am Such A Menace To Society Because I Like To Smoke Pot!
If I Am Not Harming You, Why Does It Matter?
Pedophiles Are Harming Someone, But I Deserve To Be In Jail First?

huggles all
thanks for reading.
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Added: 7 years, 3 months ago
7 years, 3 months ago
Where are you taking those different sentences for AoC violations based on sex from? Some homophobic website?

Also, maybe the numbers of reported cases for drugs and AoC violations are different because there really *ARE* more people using drugs than violating local AoCs regulations?
7 years, 3 months ago
your in Germany though, and things are probably different.
the one of the 3 year sentence is just 3 blocks from where I live.
3 in fed, and three in local, and that was in like 2008. 6 years total.
it was in our news papers. i still have the clipping somewhere, but not accessible from where i am.
using a places internet connection.
7 years, 3 months ago
Couldn't it just be that their cases were really less severe than others involving girls?
7 years, 3 months ago
from like 8 - 14-years-old (6 years total.)
mommy wasn't very happy about it... i should know, i met her.
if it was over a year's time, i wouldn't feel it should be punished so much.
i was attempting to try to find the clipping... however, i couldn't seem to locate it.
it took place though, just a few blocks from here.
7 years, 3 months ago
the larger point here is about the Marijuana thing.
people get away with some pretty large things, while I can't get away with a little pot? where is that fair?
7 years, 3 months ago
I wish i could fave journals
7 years, 3 months ago
ahh... :D
sounds like you understand. it is the truth too. in CA, nearly half of registered offenders are on the streets, merely because there's no room.
i don't like crack cocaine, but it may just bring more peace, to just tax that too. a coke addict doesn't raise bull, until they have problems finding their drugs.
we don't raise any bull, but then again, this coffee has something more addictive in it. (Caffeine).
can you even place thc on a fair scale, for addictiveness?
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