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Tablet Get

Thanks to everyone who sent donations, you guys are amazing as hell (and will not go unrewarded). I've got the new tablet now, a medium Wacom Intuos 5, and it is a thing of beauty and awesome. Soon as I get properly to grips with the new kit I'll be working on commissions again. In the meantime I'll probably do a stream later to get some practice in.

To further emphasize an important point, the furry fandom is the best goddamn community there is, as far as I'm concerned. The opportunity for artists and the support, not to mention the fun, involved are second to none. Fuck I love being a furfag.

Oh and please, no more donations, I feel bad enough getting what I have already, haha.
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Added: 7 years, 1 month ago
7 years, 1 month ago
^ ^
7 years, 1 month ago
Im glad that you got your new tablet and you like it ^^
Have fun using it <3
7 years, 1 month ago
Furfag <3
7 years, 1 month ago
Yay! ^.^  I think I mentioned the bundled free software is meh, but since your using SAI it won't matter.  It'll probably take you a while to setup the buttons the way you want though.  Been playing with ArtRage Pro anyways, not gonna buy Painter 12, even at the overpriced discount lol.
7 years, 1 month ago
Yeah I don't really use anything other than SAI and the only button I wanted to customize was one button for ctrl+z XP.
7 years, 1 month ago
^^ im glad your back up and running cutie
7 years, 1 month ago
I was so gonna donate :< Everyone was too quick
7 years, 1 month ago
I missed your stream :P
7 years, 1 month ago
Haha, damn now I JUST sent you a lil something BEFORE I read this. XD
Well anyways I like supporting you, so there. <3
7 years, 1 month ago
yay Furfag! :3
7 years, 1 month ago
Wouldn't a 'furfag' be a fuzzy cigarette,one with lots of hair on it? *yuck!*
Anyway grats on your new tablet. I'm thinking of getting one of those myself
so I'll watch you and see how you like it.
7 years ago
Awesome! ^.^
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