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Define "hypocrisy" for me.

In a lot of situations, I think people assume that just because you like something (And this could be anything) you will praise it, often unquestioningly, and that assumption might work for most people, but people seem to apply it to me quite often.

The most recent example being an IM convo that really bothered me. I was trying to explain why Zelda evolved the way it did, and the other person was confused about how I could say that every game after the first Zelda improved on it so much if I loved the first Zelda, they even called me a hypocrite at one point.

Trying to explain that hypocrisy does not apply to "I like this but will say bad things about it" didn't really work.

Why is it that people think that just because you like something, you can't find flaws with it? I purposely look for flaws in things that I like, I think it prevents me from turning into one of the massive fanboys that annoy me so much, and unquestioning praise is how things become popular even when they're terrible. (See: Regular Show) By finding fault with things I enjoy, I also increase my understanding of what I like about them, and it's important to me, especially in game design, to know the purpose behind anything, and it's hard to have an objective view about that if I didn't look for the faults.

I think always being in the vast minority all my life has made me question why things that are popular are. The people who like these things have no reason to question them because they've never felt the grief I have, but the idea that someone can even be as critical as I am escapes people. It makes it very frustrating when I'm trying to make a point and all anyone gets out of it is being confused about why I do not shower something I like with praise.

I have a pretty low opinion of that behavior. There doesn't seem to be much point in wasting my energy when people refuse to genuinely think about what I say.
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