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The goblin saunters up to you, wiggling her hips with a needy, sexual sway. She opens a small pouch and pulls out a tube of lipstick, pausing to apply it to her lips. She caps off the tube and blows you a kiss with a wet smacking sound as she steps up to your trembling form. Your breath is knocked from your body as she drops all her weight onto your middle, making her ass and well-rounded tits jiggle enticingly. She reaches up to twist her nipple-studs, grinding the sopping wetness of her crotch up and down your belly.

Your body grows hot, responding to the tiny fetish-slut’s outrageous display of desire. The warmth spreads, growing larger as your bulge begins to press between her soft ass-cheeks. Your nipples poke upwards, giving the goblin easy targets. She grabs hold of them twisting and tweaking, torturing you with pain and pleasure.

The goblin-girl doesn’t waste time with any more foreplay, she just arches her back like a cat about to get the cream, and slides her plush ass towards your throbbing dong with deliberate slowness. Her eyes watch you with an intent expression as the slightly parted lips of her sex brush against your cock-head, spreading around you ever-so-slowly as she sinks further and further down. She licks her glossy lips and blows you a kiss as she violently pushes the rest of the way down, impaling herself on every inch of your length.

She arches her back further, proudly displaying the bulge your manhood has made in her tight little tummy. She coos while fiddling with her clit, “Mmmm I’m so glad that fit. The last mate I found was too big to stuff my greedy hole, and that’s never as fun.” She looks wistful for a moment as her hips begin grinding up and down, “He did fill me fit to burst though. Can you do that for me? Can you fuck me pregnant?” she asks.

You’re too turned on to do anything besides groan and nod, imprisoned by desire and her tight wet pussy. You can feel it rippling around you, squeezing and milking in rhythmic motions as if it’s trying to drain you dry. Girlish giggles erupt from the goblin when your hips start grinding back against her, bouncing her up and down and making her leather-wrapped tits jiggle for you. Light reflects off her piercings with hypnotic intensity as they bounce to and fro.

The sultry slut pulls out a flask from somewhere behind her and uncorks it, releasing a puff of red smoke that smells of cherries.

“Drink your medicine for me stud, I need to make sure you’ve got a full load for me,” she orders, stretching to press the flask to your lips. You shake your head, trying to get away from the sweet-smelling drug, but she tilts it up, pouring most of it into your throat. A sensation of dizziness flows through you, along with relaxing waves of gentle warmth that make it easy to relax and let that cute green whore take your shaft.

She reaches down to cup your two nuts in one hand, squeezing gently as the drug begins to affect them. In no time your crotch is feeling tight and full. You feel fit to burst, and you’re surely dripping pre into the goblin’s hungry cunt. She pats your chest knowingly, rocking back and forth slowly and sighing contentedly. “Feel that hun? That’s my special alchemical creation, designed to put your body into an incredibly potent rut. In a few seconds you’ll have too much jizz to hold in, and you’ll have to cum for me. Are you ready baby? Don’t hold back now, my cunt’s waiting,” she coos.

Your dick obeys happily, thickening slightly as your abdominal muscles clench with the force of your orgasm. The goblin’s pupils shrink and her eyes roll back as the first torrent of cum splatters against her cervix. She quivers when the pressure builds up and begins to fill her womb. You clench again, this time pressing against her as the drug’s effects begin wearing off. Her belly stretches out slightly from all the cum packed inside her, but you know you aren’t done. She drools, her tongue hanging lewdly from her mouth as you pump load after load into her fertile womb, but like all good things, it does come to an end.

The goblin regains consciousness, and flops off of you, grabbing her belly and smiling blissfully, before staggering up to her feet. She thanks you, “Mmmm, good job stud. I’ll have to let my daughters know how to find you once they’re born. I think you’ve got what it takes for me to start my own tribe!” Patting your still-dripping member, the pregnant goblin leans down and gives you a wet kiss with her glossy lips. You smile contentedly and close your eyes, barely realizing her lipstick was drugged before you pass out.

You’ll probably come to your senses in eight hours or so, missing 5 gems.
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