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I've found a dog I can acutaly get along with.

I've been thinking about what kind of pet I'd like to own in the future. Truthfully i'm a cat person... but I'm allergic to most cats because of their dander. However I seem to be fine with dogs. So I've been looking at various breeds for one that would fit my personality and lifestyle best.

Now I'm a bit of a Zoophile tward the more wolf like big dogs... I can't help it I find them sexy. So of course that narrowed it down alot to the herding, working, and hunting breeds. From their I looked for ones that were breed for colder climates since I plan on living somewhere cool. Since I'm not into hunting and really don't wan't something trying to heard any small and/or larger guests, pets, or children. I pretty much narrowed it down to the working breeds... mainly the more mobile sled dogs... since I like going on long walks for no reason at all (It's just normaly to hot here for me to do that).

So out of all of them I went for the smaller lighter Siberian Husky over the bigger heavier Halamut (I think that's how its spelled) because they are freindly, energetic, fun, affectionate, loyal but not blindly obedient, and are one smart sexy Husky... that and they look like extra fluffy wolves when taken care of.

Their a long term comitment type dog, requiring alot of attention from their Master/Mistress and an outlet for their desire to move. Their a good pack breed so I can adopt more or find a regular group of other dogs for him to have fun with (because it will be a male)

Basicly I figure I'll be around 30+ of age before I have the money and place to take care of him. Got to make sure there is a big encloser out back for him to run around in safely during the day if we arn't going anywhere. I'll have a nice big fluffy rug on the floor with pillows in the living room between the couch and TV so me, my mate, and the husky can all lay togeather comfortably. A cozy box for him to eat good food in. And two small sleds, one for snow and the other with wheels instead of skies, for him to pull around when we go out for walks or head to the store. (no I'm not gonna be ridding on it, I'll either be on a bike or walking next to him holding the leash so I can keep him safe should he get distracted).

I also plan on making sure he's trained for sled pulling and as a mountain rescue dog so he will beable to work when needed like any other sled dog. This way he's nice and happy and cuddle and i know he's getting his excersize to stay healty.
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Added: 8 years, 6 months ago
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