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Drive Updated + New YCH

The progress has been updated for Rogziel, but he still needs to grow bigger! I appreciate those who have already participated or are planning to participate. Thanks for your support. As part of the drive I am adding a limited time YCH where your character can be shrunk by Pent. This is unique because normally I don't involve Pent in YCH. Take advantage while it lasts! It's number 6 on the YCH list for those interested, so be sure to check it out.

Drive Details:

Each $1 donation to my ko-fi will make Rogziel 2" taller. Since Ko-fi is set to $3, each donation will make him a half foot taller! In addition, I will add stretch goals to further promote this event. I will also give one raffle ticket for a Free 5000-word story for each $3 donation. The raffle will end 6/15/2019.

Progress: https://inkbunny.net/s/1877494#kw_scroll

Stretch Goals: (Each goal includes the previous goals.)
$30 - 5000 Word Story about Rogziel Experiencing Dynamax
$60 - Art with Rogziel experiencing Dynamax

YCH Ideas: ($7.50 per 1000 words.)

1. Adventure story possibly involving Pokemon or other critters capable of fighting.
Experience your character in a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon like setting. The plot will include conflict, mystery, combat, and an unrealistic goal which is ultimately achieved through grit and hard work.

2. Cub has growth spurts and they get out of control.
Teen furry character experiences some late growth spurts and finally catches up to his classmate. Then realizes that they aren't stopping. Soon they are the tallest one in class!

3. Two cubs are subjected to a naughty teen babysitter.
Two young furries are to be babysat by a rather laid back and lacksadaisy teen. When the teen falls asleep on the job, it's up to the cubs to take advantage of the situation.

4. Two cubs go on their first date. (Cubby Romance)
Two young cubs have been having a school romance for a while now. After getting in trouble for in school activities, they decide to take their romance elsewhere.

5. Pokemon experiences Dynamax
One young pokemon decides to take Dynamax because they are puny and aren't suitable for evolution stones.

6. Shrunken Experience!
Your character is shrunk by Pent and turned into Pent's personal toy. This will be a clean story unless you pick Arthur as the subject.
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