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An American Tail; Fievel Goes West. Miss Kitty. (Crying During Scenes.)

Causing me to cry, before even adding that certain part to my profile.
I was also sitting here bitching at her. "He's such a nice cat, why on earth would you wanna leave him for?"
things she misses. "Yeah, so why did yeah leave him?"

I don't know, I guess I am writing this journal, because
had started one about crying, and this is one of those scenes which does it to me. actually, i cry so much through Fievel Goes West, I sometimes have to take a break to give my eyes a rest.
"Did , "go away tears, *giggle*
"Did you ever know something important, but nobody will believe ya?
Boy, I wish While Burp was here." - Fievel Mousekewitz.
I can't go much further, running down my chin.
I had to *not* watch the whole scene, otherwise, i would have had problems writing this journal.
Fievel gets me so well in Fievel goes west, it's not even funny. I try not to even watch it much, as I just cry nearly constantly throughout the movie. That scene though, I believe is the height... the worse I get.
It's just so, I wish I could help him.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.    PS. Anyone else hava movie like that?
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Added: 7 years ago
7 years ago
I cry during EVERY romantic scene of every tv show and movie......ESPECIALLY when someone gets a marige proposal...then the tears really fall
7 years ago
the laughable part is the (Waaaayyyyy toooooo in love with Fievel.) personal side of Fievel Goes West.
some of that does it for me too though.

if Fievel were to become living, and large enough to do certain things with... ahm.
I would probably get as far as "Will you." and i would start crying, and completely crap out, as my nerves would be going that crazy.
I would have all kind of problems asking Fievel to marry me.

I have already cried on a Soap Opera... does that count? If I remember, the marriage lasted three months. lol.
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