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Skyrim Story Teaser

Yes, I'm still doing commissions, but I'm also doing this short non commission one to get my writing juices flowing again. After that, you'll see things getting added to my gallery a little more often, hopefully. Anyway, here's a little teaser for the next story. Censored for those that might not be mature enough to look at it, but you can probably fill it in.

For Ka'jirr, Skyrim was a land of opportunity. There were many people here that did not share the preconceptions that the people of the Heartland of the Empire did; he could come and go, and more than half of the people didn't try and chase him out of the cities. Oh, sure, there were some, but they were far less numerous than the southern lands. With the cities opened to him as well as the roads, the Khajiit was able to meet with many more traders than he'd ever had access to before, and more ladies as well.

Ka'jirr, after all, did have quite the fascination with the women of Skyrim, indeed, of all of Tamriel. The way they talked and the way they walked enchanted him better than anything a mage could ever dream up, and he always loved to charm them right back. Nord, Argonian, Redguard, and all of the Mer; if it had breasts and a _____, the feline was all over them, and they were all over him after he poured on the charm.

Of all the different races that spanned the continent and the Empire, there was only one type of woman that he hadn't been with, and those were the Orc women. Ka'jirr had heard that they were tougher, stronger, and harder to charm than any of the other ladies, but that only added to the challenge for him. The only problem was finding one that wasn't already attached to a husband. After all, more of the orcs in the strongholds tended to stay away from outsiders, and those that didn't were already married to someone. Though he occasionally caught sight of one in a bath when they needed to use one of the rivers for that, it wasn't a very long view, and certainly not long enough to enjoy himself the way he wanted.

Gradually, he began to obsess over the green skinned, tusked beauties. He still worked his wiles with the other ladies of the other races, but none had the allure for him that the females of Orsinium did. They were just out of reach, and it had his ____ throbbing in his pants every time he thought about getting into bed with one of them.

So when he heard that there was an orc smith in Markarth that both didn't have a husband and lived by herself, he considered her a perfect opportunity, and off he ran towards the great stone city of the Reach.
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